Fake Thomas Wylde

  1. Gosh, that is unbelievable :sad:

    I am only just starting to get used to the real Wylde, not this fake rubbish. God, it is scary what they copy so quickly these days.

    off topic abit, but what I wouldnt do for the Thomas Wylde dress that Sienna has been wearing ;) - lovely :smile:
  2. they have it at electricladyland.com
  3. they have it over here too at Browns, just not sure that it would not look like a maternity smock on me ;)

    love it on her though :biggrin:
  4. I can believe that they are faking Thomas Wylde now. It's been getting a lot of publicity, especially in recent magazines. I think that it has become popular enough for the fakers to think it worth their while.
  5. That is too scary, wouldn't have guess TW would have been faked!
  6. Wow, I am surprised that there are fake Wylde bags ... it must be more popular than I thought.