Fake Theory Clothes on Ebay?

  1. My first eBay selling experience is currently going on and will end tonight (how exciting!!!). I put a Theory Trench Coat I've bought from nm.com and it is currently bidded at a good price.

    But last night one potential buyer emailed me to send her pictures of belt and wrist loops, which I did. Then she replied that she was doubted of the authenticity of my item because a trench coat she saw at Bloomingdales (the same Magena style) had a different stitches (or loops) from mine.

    Seriously, are there fake Theory clothes out there? I understand people buying fake handbags with a big logo outside and they can pretend carrying a Chanel or Louis Vitton handbag. But come on! Theory clothes do not have logos outside anyway so there is no way telling people that "I am wearing theory clothes".

    Also, is it possible that the same styled trench coats are different depending on department stores? Mine is from Neiman Last Call clearnace sale on nm.com so it is possible that mine came out this spring season while Bloomingdale carries trench coats from fall season?