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  1. In a previous thread, we talked about buying Hermes bags and then wondering if they were authentic. Even after confirming they are the real deal...we are then still a bit nervous.

    I wondered what leathers are copied most and what are copied least. I assume birkins are copied most, but am I wrong? Are Kellys copied more?

    JUst wondered what you all have seen copied and what leathers etc.
  2. I see more fake Birkins than anything else. I've also seen just about every Hermes bag faked. So far the only leather I HAVEN'T seen faked is vache liegee........................yet.
  3. The majority of the fakes I see are black B's with gold hardware.
  4. WOW...I am shocked at that. I really am. (in reference to just about everything being faked)

    Is the typical togo birkin the best quality fake you have seen or has something else been?
  5. What else Hermes is faked? I have read scarfs. How about the small charms, cadenas etc.?
  6. ^^^^^^Scarves, charms, belts, cadenas, twillys, etc. Okay, I haven't seen a fake saddle yet.
  7. Wow, I guess I am sticking to shopping just at the H store.
  8. I see tons of fake gold Togo and BJ Togo Birkins. Ick.

    Awhile back, there was a flood of fake Birkins in what the fakers were calling Veau Lisse leather. The now discontinued leather was really called Veau GRAINE Lisse but they would usually leave out the Graine part in auction descriptions. The major fake suppliers on ioffer were "offering" many Birkins in this Veau Lisse and proving stock photos for use within auctions.
  9. I've also seen fake Black Togo with white stitching Birkins...turns me off when I see them...I haven't seen a fake Box one yet.
  10. i think birkin in togo is the one gets faked most somehow.
  11. HG, didn't you once say that you hadn't seen chevre coromandel or vibrato faked? i may be i hallucinating -- there hasn't been much going on on ebay and i think it's affecting my brain . . . . i need more virtual shopping!!!
  12. No, I have seen chevre de coromandel faked. Vibrato, I haven't personally, but someone told me they have seen it since that conversation.
  13. i was surprised to see an evelyne knock off on someone's shoulder the other day - it wasn't identical to H, but it was the same shape and size and had the perforated H but the strap was attached to the bag in a different way.
  14. Ties, and the fabric tote bags...
  15. I was told that at an Hermes shop that the Evelyne was the most copied Hermes bag - maybe things have changed since then (it was about 3 years ago). I think they fake everything - but one can usually tell by touching the product that the quality of the materials is not Hermes. Also - bags fall differently because the leather (if it is even leather) is so much worse...