Fake Stams On Ebay.

  1. MJ stam fakes have FLOODED ebay! i don't know how he/she/they do it, but it's nauseating. i actually feel ill looking at those fakes, they look GROSS!:yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
  2. ^ Agree. Authentic Stams (especially those with suede lining) are very hard to come by (at below retail), ebay/ioffer are flooded with fakes/repicas. I don't want to sound mean/rude, does the buyer actually expect an authentic Stam with $75 price tag? Or $200? Or $500?
  3. This is one of those sellers that needs to get banned immediately frome ebay. Sadly, even once banned, they re-register under a different email. These people are awful! They even steal photos of authentic bags to sell their cheap-o fak-os.
  4. I think those are listed with highjacked accounts. That's how they get away with listing so many fakes at once. When they get pulled, they just use another highjacked acct to list them again.