Fake spy sellers getting more bold!

  1. Hi Decophile. Are you sure it's a fake? It looks like a real one to me...
  2. Yup, I saw that one. Some fakers put the high price so their listings can get more attention(and so that they can fool people easily since people going to think that their bags are "real" by just looking at the high price :hysteric: ). Some people(such as myself) only willing to check out auctions from the "highest price"...I don't even want to look or click on those fakers listings if the price is below $1000, since they seriously hurt my eyes!!! Those morons who sell fakes thought they could fool people since they have a "good quality" fakes :wtf: They're just DISGUSTING!!!!! :cursing: :cursing:
  3. Oh yeah....they're totally FAKE!
  4. ^^^Joula03, it's fake but a very good fake ... the leather and the handles are off. Also all the other spies the seller has for sale are obviously fake. It is so disturbing to see the seller try to rip off someone for two grand on a fake ... it's pretty pathetic for the seller.
  5. Ok, I would never trust the buyer because of all the fakes he sold previously. However this specific $ 2000 one looks real. I'm holding my cognac spy right now and comparing it with every picture he posted and I can't seem to find a difference. Have fakes become really good or am I missing something?
  6. Oh my god. Thanks fo pointing out the handles bebes, I just noticed they are shorter than mine, as for the leather I just thought it could be because I have a darker color. I can't believe the seller's audacity!
  7. Yeah, it is a fake. The handles are off.
    *kinda suspicious*
  8. Hi Joula, the leather itself gives it away :yes:
  9. Joula, everything gives it away. The leather is off, the handles are off, the interior lining is way off, the font on the interior leather serial strip is off, and the certificate of authenticity is off. That's batting 000 to the trained eye. Unfortunately, they can fool many good and innocent people. That's what makes my blood boil. They are in business to deceive; they sell an illusion but charge you for the real thing.
  10. The leather is all wrinkly...eeek...
  11. This is disgusting!!!!!
  12. 2k?!?! The seller is nuts!
  13. OMG! What a horrible looking fake