Fake Spy! Please report to ebay!

  1. I just reported the awful fake....shame on the seller!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you for bringing this to PFers' attention
  2. I know it is against eBay policy, but I emailed the person who bought it. I hope they are glad and havent already paid for it! Some get really angry at the person telling them, I have heard. I haven't heard back from the bidder so we shall see!
  3. I actually (for the first and last time) emailed a seller and she posted (some, not all) of my questions. She got pretty fired up. But no one has bid for her item which is good. I just didn't want people to get cheated.

    I buy and sell on eBay but I didn't know that you can report replica or counterfiet items. What if the seller says it is authentic but it obviously isn't? Like this one? (you can see some of my questions that got posted)
    Item number: 330100798006

    So what is the deal with reporting replica/counterfiet items? Can you do it if it is obviously fake but claimed to be authentic? Thanks!
  4. Guys, most of the spy bags on ebay are fakes (I'd estimate 90-95%), and most of the listings don't get removed. eBay simply doesn't have the people on hand to be able to tell whether these things are genuine or not, so most of the time reporting them isn't going to get them removed. Usually when bags are removed it is because the seller does something against eBay policy, like say he/she isn't sure about authenticity. That is the unfortunate truth. You can keep on reporting them (and please do), but just beware that it's mostly an exercise in futility. I would be careful about sending multiple harassing e-mails to sellers, though, as this could get YOU in trouble with eBay, as much as we here all know these people are gutless scammers.
  5. Yeah you are right. It was a silly thing for me to do seeing that I could get into trouble. Well so far I haven't and no one ended up bidding on the bag (starting price was $800). I had a few people email me and I managed to prove it was fake so in that respect no regrets, BUT I won't do it again. Thanks for your advice Litigatrix. :smile:

    Oh and I reported 10 fake spy bag listings and about6-8 of them got removed. YAY!!!!