Fake spotted ..

  1. SO I went to Tiffany's at short hills mall on sunday to pick up the pendant I was engraving for my mom for mother's day. I went with my husband ,who usually dislikes the mall. So we are at tiffany's and I spot a fake LV mono speedy.. I literally gasped! . My DH turns around and is like" what's wrong " , so I say " that girls is carrying a fake speedy". Since he thinks I'm crazy , he says " how do u know it could be real". So I say " LV speedys dont have feet and look at the color of the leather straps". So anyways we leave there and I talk him into just going to LV , of course just to see if the have the Damier highbury that I have been eyeing:smile:. Well they did .. do I'm checking it out ..and it's beautiful btw. The SA compliments me on my damier hampsted .. I say thank you. Now .. guess who walks in ...!! Oh you guessed it .. the girl w/ the fake speedy... I almost wanted to die I was soo embarrased for her. Even my DH who thought I was crazy is now surprised to see her in the store. He even commets on how " ballsy" she is to come in here with a fake LV.

    Now to me the LV store is a sacred place , how dare she walk in there w/ that counterfeit crap.. I was amazed. I swear if I could have snapped a picture I would have.:nuts:
  2. Too funny!
  3. I hope she just didn't know hers was a fake. You'd be surprised at how little some people know about the brand and think that they're carrying an authentic bag when it's actually a fake. I would think if she walked into lv with it, she most likely thought she was carrying a real speedy.
  4. Oh and btw, I also consider lv to be a sacred place!:angel:

  5. LOL .. i'm glad I'm not the only one .. to me it;s like church.. i would never disrespect it ..! :yes:
  6. She probably pd like $200 bucks for it and thinks she got a "deal" and doesn't even realize it's fake.
  7. I am surprised the manager didn't ask her to leave. In France they would have also confiscated her fake bag.
  8. Are u serious? i'm sure they can do that , but what is the girl going to carry all her stuff home in ? Oh my , that is really embarrasing! :wtf:
  9. lol - i will never get why people go with fake bags into designer stores. :shrugs:
  10. Oh yeah, in France they do NOT mess around. Buying fakes is a crime there, just like selling them is here.
  11. Too funny! I have been in holts and in :wtf: there was a lady with a fake pap at the prada counter.. Of course I giggled and just kept walking.

    Some people!!
  12. That's interesting about fakes being confiscated in France. But that's quite a power to have authority to physically take someone else's possession off them!

    I've seen giggly teenage girls with really bad LV multicolour fakes in LV...but they're not as bad as those people who come in with fakes AND act like they are high and mighty (no excuse for this, fake OR real IMO)...*rolls eyes*
  13. heh, love it. i love reading fake spotting stories. thanks for sharing :biggrin:
  14. OII. i feel so embarassed for her.
  15. LOL love the story and hubbys reactions too! Thanks for posting your experience, its always an amazement. My hubby has suggested we should have a PFers outing at a mall and play "spot the fake" where we all sit and point and shout "Fake!" whenever we see one go by! :roflmfao: he has such an evil nature !

    I can't believe it had feet on it!