Fake Spies being sold at SHOP INTUITION.com

  1. SHOP INTUITION has been known to sell fake designer bags.... they have fake Chloes so I am not really suprised that Shop Intuiton is selling fake Fendi Spies snd many other FAKES. The FAKE Chloe bags are being sold for $250 and the Fendis are being sold for $45

    [​IMG][​IMG]Quilted Braided Trim Hobos
    [​IMG][​IMG]Snakeskin Braided Trim Hobo Bag

    I don't understand how stores and websites are allowed to sell fakes!!! ​
  2. well unforunately they've changed the design just enough to make it not a 'fendi' and they arent branding it as such.. so they can slide on by
  3. squsihy- i totally understand what you are saying about changing the names and some details to these bags but the first thing you think of when you look at these bags are the original designers. I am just saying that the designers of these FAKE bags should not be allowed to copy another designer's idea and change it just ALITTLE bit.
  4. oh yeah! i totally feel their pain! i'm a designer (not of clothing or bags) but have been stolen from myself... erg.... so dont get me wrong.. i'm ultra frustrated about it... uugh.....
  5. squsihy- what do you design?
  6. They always sell knockoffs, but never advertise them as real.
  7. Those are "inspired" bags that are also available at Aldo, Shoe Pavillion and many other stores.
  8. It's the counterfeit, copy for every detail copies that are illegal and wrong. The knock-offs and inspired category aren't illegal. It's sorta like how a couture dress gets "knocked off" into a ready-to-wear line then to a high-end department store's version, then to maybe a mass produced line like Banana Republic and then on to a version at Target. It's the "inspiration" that gets trickles down to the mass consumer.
  9. Yuck! Shop Intuition has always been doing that for some time though. They always sell designer "inspired" bags. Perhaps a way for those who can`t spend so much money on a designer bag to get the same look that they want? I`ve never been a fan of "inspired" bags or knockoffs but hey, different strokes for different folks, right? -shrug- :biggrin:
  10. Inspired bags - I am soo sick of them :sick:
  11. i'm an interactive designer and art director... (a lotta words for something not that fancy!) heee