Fake Speedy Alert!

  1. BUSTED!

    You can't see it in this pic but when I saw the brass feet on that and the fraying piping (bottom left), I just felt :sad:. This was taken at a very chic BCBG style event downtown, free appetizers and drinks. It was fun, but my eyes kept being drawn to that bag! Distracting! :wtf:. I also saw a fake Burberry tote. Sigh...
    However, to redeem those to fakes, I saw a real BH and a PH. Whew. :sweatdrop:
  2. alright, let's zoom on that shall we...
  3. :shocked: eew. it had feet?! how eeeww!
  4. they must be texting each other about the fake bag they brought...................what a sucker---- oh well- like my econ instructor says: don't throw rocks on your character house.

    what an idiot!!

    :love: at my very real Speedy 30!
  5. Ew!
  6. i dunno....even the bag itself looks "off". i told you, you should have asked her if her speedy w/ feet was a LE or something. LOL.
  7. ewwwwwaa!
  8. That's hilarious girl. I don't have the guts to do it though! Maybe after a few more glasses of chardonnay, I'd probably make a move :graucho:
  9. :throwup:
  10. it looks so stiff. the lock hole is soooo small! omg. everything looks weird.
  11. yes ma'am everything is way off about that bag! look at those long handles too.

    i had my sophie with me and walked by those ladies and then i heard them whisper. if only i could hear what they were saying!

    do you think most people (and the untrained eye) would think my sophie is fake since it's almost never seen anywhere?
  12. Lame to bring a fake to an even like that!
  13. most definitely. i remember someone on here said that someone told her that her bag, also a sophie, was "fake" and that "LV had never made that bag." i want a sophie sooooooooo baaaaaddd.
  14. ewww.. :-]
  15. lol its a mutant bag with feet! :wacko: