Fake Sloane to go with the fake Cabats on ebay

  1. Whine time..... sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to post but I called this bag out in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread earlier this week but unfortunately the auction keeps climbing and I can't take it any longer....

    +++FAKE+++DO NOT BID++++++
    +++FAKE+++DO NOT BID++++++

    It's totally fake... besides the lumpy oatmeal appearance of the leather, there are several eensy details wrong with the bag (you'd probably have to have one in your lap to distinguish them) but as we all know, that's all it takes. :cursing: The seller has already been dinged twice for selling fake Cabats, doesn't take PayPal, ignored ASQs - what is wrong with these people still bidding???? :noggin:

    Sorry for whining but it makes me :throwup: to see our lovely BVs being degraded this way. :crybaby:I hope the winner wises up before paying.:sad:
  2. OMG! Thanks for the heads up, who would think that there are fake sloanes out there, the description makes it look so real!
  3. VERY annoying, indeed. Thanks so much for the heads up!
  4. Wow, I have to say...this one looked real to me... Have you seen this sellers feedback.. and how much $$$ they've gotten away with!! over 7k!! why does eBay still have this person registered?
  5. Ugh!
  6. I know - isn't that amazing?? Oogie I actually still have a link to when you sold your baby and I have a Sloane too - that's the only way to tell is to have that comparison!

    My hope is the bidder is only the seller schilling aka playing with herself instead of screwing others!
  7. i REMEMBER MY SLOANE!! I do miss her from time to time.. & often look at the ones on BF still...:girlsigh: you have an awesome memory!! But that Sloane looks darn good though... but by far.. I've never seen any seller get away w/ so much $ before. :nogood:

  8. LOL, let's just say I'm Sloane obsessed and recall everyone who got one back in the spring and could probably recite their thread titles! :roflmfao: Yeah, I had to do a double-take when I first saw the listing cuz it looked good at first glance.

    K-rap, did you see the end price? :wtf: Still nothing like she stole for the fake Cabats, but still, any $$ is too much $$ for a fake.:cursing:
  9. BTW oogie, if you're still considering a Sloane, you should definitely check out the BF old petra/mauve Sloane.... and I thought Limo was gorgeous.... :drool:
  10. The amount the winner paid for this thing!!! I confess I don't know Sloanes well, and the font looked good, but the weave looked off to me--didn't look like the BV cut strips at all. That was all I could pick out. If I had a Sloane, you can bet I'd have it in front of me and compare every inch possible.

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  11. i think we should start reporting fakes on eBay. I know there is a thread somewhere in the H forum teaching us how to do it..
  12. It's fake? Oh god.... I cant tell at all, thanks for the heads up...
  13. Its very sad and I wish eBay was much more fraud-savy, but I guess you have to get ebay bags authenticated or own an original. I can easily tell its a fake, based on examining my own venetas.
  14. Are you sure thats fake?

    From the feedback it looks like she bought the cabat then resold it.

    Either way, buyers should still stay away.
  15. you know I bought a Ball bag from BF a couple of months ago...and then the material looks like that sloane. it got me scared so i returned it. the texture of the leather just isn't the same as my other BVs. i am kinda scared of ebay now unless it's been proven that he/she is a reputable reseller. do the research BEFORE you bid for anything on ebay.