Fake Sightings

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  1. This thread is for those who have seen an obvious fake, and want to post about it. Just because fakes are annoying.

    So I was on my lunch break, munching on a whole wheat bagel :smile:, and then this other girl walks in with a Damier Azure Speedy 30. Well, she would like to think so. Because that just so happens to be my bag.

    Omg, I thought I could never spot a fake before, but this one really took the cake. The straps were so light that it had a tinge of grey...probably dirt.

    Anyway, it was just yuck. I wanted to share this with you my fellow tpf'ers , because in my town, there really aren't too many bags like mine, and when they are, it's legit.

    So much to my surprise it wasn't.
  2. I rarely spot any LV's in my area...however, it just so happened Sat afternoon we hit a local wings place to watch the football games and I spotted a LV, a fake one at that. I don't even know what it was supposed to be, I don't think that type was ever made. I'm not sure if she saw that I spotted it because it was not something I wanted her to feel flattered about lol. I did not have LV on me at the time so I couldn't let her see what a real one looked like :P
  3. I think i saw a fake one last weekend.speedy's handles are not long enough to carry on shoulder right?! obviously fake!!
    rizzyrach 1203, and so happen that i was carrying my speedy 35 azur!
  4. I saw an azur Trevi this weekend, HAHA.
  5. A girl who sits next to me in class has a fake speedy 30 & a fake NF.. from far away they are pretty convincing but once you see them up close, there's no guessing that they're fake.
  6. It may not be a fake; I know that it was an SO at one point.
  7. Really?! I learned something new today :smile: Although, unless LV does special order plastic handles I'm pretty sure it was still a fake.
  8. The other day at the supermarket I was with my speedy damier 30 and saw a lady proudly with a mono speedy 35 in her arm...I went mad off course and didn't rest until I saw it up close...

    It had a pocket with a zipper inside so I say its was defenitely a fake!! Right!!??? There's no speedies with zipped compartments right?
  9. I've seen several this week, but the one that really took the cake was an ebene speedy (25-ish) that looked ok until she turned around - it had a huge Inventeur plate on it.

    So close, yet so far...
  10. Oh, plastic handles?! Definitely a fake then! :lol:
  11. i keep seeing fake speedies with brass plates at the front like the galliera and feet at the bottom... or fake speedies with long handles so that they can be worn as shoulder bags....:sick::yucky:
  12. I will tell you what I saw this month. Starts with a Neverfull Graffiti in Purple , a shoulder speedy bag , a Neverfull with the strap goes down to your waist, a damier Hermes Birkin , a damier Willshire , a green multicolor Alma, a graffiti Totally etc.

    Trust me, you can find one of those bags that you could never think of here where i came from :lol:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.