fake shoes?

  1. do they fake chloe shoes? if so, what should i look for or can someone authenticate 2 pairs for me? thx!
  2. Hi,

    When you go to post the shoe authenticity question (if you do), please post it in the Authenticate this Chloe thread or in the Authenticate these Shoes thread in the Glass Slipper subforum.

    Just an FYI ;)
  3. Yes, there are fake Chloe shoes and boots. Not just inspired by but complete knock offs. Post them in the authenticate this thread.
  4. ok that sucks, i figured as much.
  5. And in the past there have been tons of them on eBay.
  6. they end really soon and i haven't gotten any replies in the authenticate this section, any things that would stick out as fake?
  7. Today at lunch time, I stopped by quick at the local Jamba Juice wearing nothing but jeans, trainers/rubber shoes and a fleece jacket. Suddenly I hear whispering behind me and I look around just soon enough to see two young women very fashionably dressed covertly trying to point to me. I didn't mind them but when it was their turn to order I got to see them closer and noticed one of them was wearing FAKE Chloé Paddington moccasins! The material was a shiny leather patent and the buckle was just all wrong. Only then did I realise they were probably pointing to my huge Chloé C-Buckle Paddington wallet which they probably thought was a fake too.
  8. Today I saw fake Chloe in our local store, selling Vagabond, converse etc. It was a pair of Paddington boots with 2 buckles. They were actually very accurately copied from the original, but you can tell the fake from original at once: the leather quality cannot even be compared. The real thing has the softest leather, like butter, while fake (thoufg also in real leather) was so hard and unpleasant to touch. Anyway, it's a ahame, all these fakes! First bags, now shoes!