Fake shoes on ebay

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  1. How common are fake shoes on ebay? Brands like jimmy choo, manolos, & marc jacobs? what should i look for? thanks:amuse:
  2. I have seen some real cheesy phony Chanel shoes on E-bay. For starters, they were not a style that Chanel ever had. Plus they were marked size 7.5, hello, Chanel is Euro sized, so maybe 37.5 not 7.5
  3. for shoes its better if you really go to the store coz ebay is not really the best place to buy shoes especially expensive ones u know..but if you really know what ur looking for then that wouldnt be a problem just make sure u know what the shoes looks like in person go to the store first!! =) cia
  4. I agree, I would never buy shoes until they are on my feet and I see how they look and know how they feel.
  5. until now, i've never seen fake manolos on ebay, but i really don't check often.
  6. well...there certainly are a lot of fake vuitton, chanel, gucci and fendi shoes on ebay. The key giveaway that it's a fake is that, like a member stated above, the style was never produced. Also, fakes tend to have canvas monogram plastered all over them, or logos in an obvious way. You have to use personal judgement, as a gucci shoe is not likely to go for $14.99 NR NIB. Also, if it comes from Asia, or another 3rd country production site...I'd be wary.

    I can't tell real/fake manolos yet...so who knows? It's getting so popular that it wouldn't be hard for someone to stick a fabric manolo sticker onto the shoe.
  7. I've seen LOADS of fake Manolos. When a shoe is super hot and popular, the fakers are all over them. There were tons of fake Sedarabys (which buyers surely knew were fake -- how can you get a $700 pair of 100% sold out shoes for $95 from a seller in Venezuala???), and before that loads of fake "timberland" Manolo boots. There's also a woman who takes used Carolyns and glues tacky rhinestones all over them and tries to sell them for $800 as rare limited editions. LMAO!!
  8. i have always seen real ones, but anyway i have been few times on ebay and i really think it is ridiculous to buy such great shoes on ebay.
  9. ^^ Let me clarify, the majority of Manolos on ebay are real, but there are also a lot of fakes when a show is hot and hard to find. I buy lots of Manolos on ebay because I know my size, I've tried most of them on and I know what styles and cuts work on my feet. I've never gotten a pair that didn't work and I've saved literally tens of thousands of dollars over the years.
  10. I believe there were a lot of fake Okla style Manolo boots a while back.
  11. are the manolos fake or knockoffs? cuz i've seen a lot of campari and sedaraby-like shoes that have titles like 'campari mary jane and manolo blahnik ad' or something like that.
  12. nope, i'm talking straight fakes, with fakes glued-on "Manolo Blahnik" labels in the shoes.
  13. there quite a few manolo knockoffs of the popular styles like the sedaraby. i've also seen fake louis vuitton (ex. the balmoral pumps from '04). oh, and fake chanel ballet flats!
    i would really advise against buying such shoes on ebay unless you are familiar with the style you want and know what to look for. for example, i was about to buy some christian louboutins from this one seller and then i noticed he sold tons of fake birkins. pictures of the actual item and not stock photos are important too. i would suggest you always check feedback and go by the usual "if it's too good to be true, it probably is" rule.
  14. I have seen a lot of fake Chloe Paddington shoes. They go for what they sell for in the store- like $500!!! Out of control!
  15. I've seen tons of fake Chanel ballet slippers and LV shoes. Not too many fake Manolos or Choos (at least not that I've noticed).