FAKE sellers-where do they buy from?LOOK HERE!!

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  1. OMG - look what I have just found on eBay...
    This company is being advertised BY eBay... Ever wondered where all of the fakes come from? These guys sell bulk counterfeit goods at ridiculously low prices. Not only that, but all of their prodcuts come with the full paper work you would expect to see.... Some of their bags are dodgy but many are almost identical replicas.


    THIS MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL !!!!!:cursing:

    Now I know there are plenty of places on the net you can find wholesalers for this rubbish..... But what is eBay thinking!!!?????
  2. oh my!
    i wish we could find a way to shut down the site :sad:
  3. ....and to think about how many hundreds / thousands of dollars fake sellers make on each item. I really had no idea how cheaply they were available... eg chanel cambon tote for $23?????!!!!!! There are fakes going for $1500 on ebay....
    I really can not understand why ebay would allow this seller to advertise.:tdown:
  4. ^^ maybe we should file a complaint to ebay to have the site pulled out of the banners?
  5. Unbelievable!! Check out the "success stories"... There are scammers even stating their claim to financial freedom was selling these counterfeit good on ebay!!!

    How can we let more people know about this so we can all bombard this sellers or ebay with emails?
  6. That's totally abhorrent. :mad:
  7. I know - I never realised how cheaply fake sellers bought bags for.... these guys are wholesalers aswell so you can imagin how low the price goes.
  8. Reminds me of the last time I was reading a guide on how to spot fake "I'm not a plastic bag" totes and right next to the guide was an ad for an obviously fake bag.
  9. OMG... yet another reason that I have had it with eBay. I am sooo over it
  10. Scammers are selling counterfits for much more than my gently used authentic LVs. It kills me to see innocent unexperienced buyers paying ridiculous $$$ for a fake and not knowing it. I tried reporting many counterfits but do you think ebay really cares? NO!

    NYC is flooded with counterfits so I'm sure alot of them are selling on ebay as well.

    My first experience was a counterfit from a seller selling both authentic and fakes. She listed her fakes with private bidders and authentic showing bidders' id.
  11. not agian...