Fake sellers list

  1. Is there somewhere on this forum where there is a list of sellers who sell fake bags on eBay? I swear, I just looked at the J Choo bags and these fakes are selling for $350 to $600+!!!! Some of these sellers sell multiple of the same and they are fake. They have good feedback so I thinking the buyers don't know what a fake looks like?:wtf:
    I report them all the time and eBay rarely does anything...:cursing:
    I want to add at least 5 or 6 sellers to a list!!!!!!:throwup:
  2. :hysteric:Hi. I have just been stupid enough to buy a 'Mulberry'. But I didn't stop at just a purse, I had to buy a bag aswell, costing a grand total of £317. I sent the money via paypal (before my husband realised what I was doing). In the meantime, I got a message from a tPF member who told me this seller deals with fakes. Paypal will do nothing. A list is most definately needed. I just hope a) I receive my fake bag and then b) I can start claiming the money back. Apparently, eBay were informed that this seller is selling fakes - they should get rid of him.
  3. I know in the MJ forum we have a Ebay auctions to be wary of thread and in this we post fake auctions and have listed the well known sellers of fake bags... I think other sub forums do this as well...:yes:
  4. They let you list the sellers ebay name?
  5. Those sellers who are consistant in the sale of FAKE bags have been named in posts.:yes:

    These are "big" sellers that sell handbags only and all they have to sell are FAKES. They are well known in our forum and avoided.