Fake seller - how do you get ebay to ban them?

  1. Was browsing eBay and came across this seller: [​IMG]renbiebei[​IMG]

    They are selling fake Balenciaga, Prada, Chloe. I have reported several of their auctions and eBay have taken no action. How do I get them to ban the seller? Look at their feedback - all from 1p auctions. People like this make me sick.
  2. Ugh! All their feedback was bought too! They bought those useless 1c auctions in an obvious attempt to increase feedback.

    You can't do anything except to report them to eBay!
  3. am reporting them now ! :yes:
  4. I'm so sick of fakes EVERYWHERE. I admit, I have bought some in the past but I've given them all away. I'd prefer to have one fab bag a year than a load of old rubbish. I wouldnt trust the bay for buying any bags anymore.
  5. You can't trust ANYONE online to sell authentic except for the designers sites themselves! Ebays dedication is to their bottom line. Period! Which means even though you'd THINK you could trust one of their powersellers to be honest, I call them powerSTEALERS. They get away with murder on Ebay and sometimes it takes months of reporting them every single day to get them canned. I've got a lawyer connection in the Coach office and I send her the worst of the worst in illegal sellers. She gets to the ones she can, but she said that they are 50,000 reports behind in getting these sellers off the net. Even if they do, they'll come right behind and open a new ID and continue their illegal sales. Go to Google and put in wholesale designer handbags. You get 1000's of sites that ALL need to be shut down and arrests made. Its never gonna happen! All we can do is what we can do and try to be content with the sellers we do get suspended and the buyers we save from their illegal activity. Frustrating doesn't begin to describe what it really is. Look at Ioffer, Yahoo and Overstock alone. Overstock actually suspended my account when I jammed their system with 100 fake reports in one day. Its all about MONEY!
  6. I'm with you on this one. I have decided (thanks to tpf) to treat myself once a year, that's a good day out to London and a new handbag, I know it's origins then.
  7. It is sad, especially when this forum is full of legitimate sellers who are suspended. I always report, but realise that beyond that there is not much I can do except ensure my hard earned £ are spent on the real deal rather than inadvertently supporting these guys.
  8. i dunno. the guy who sold me a fake coach is still selling fake coaches! even aftera paypal and an ebay dispt
  9. Personally, I think buying from a middle of the road seller with solid feedback is better than a "powerseller". Once you have that much feedback I don't think you're going to be as careful because you don't have to be to keep your % high. If you buy from a lower end seller with great feedback, I think they're going to go out of their way to make sure you're happy b/c every feedback point means a lot! Of course, take the necessary precautions by knowing what you're buying and making sure the description, numbers, photos are accurate. Just my opinion, I prefer the non mega powersellers. The little guys who are really trying and are all about the customer service.
  10. Is there a link in this site where you can email me and give me that sellers ID? I'll do my best to get him gone.
  11. I'm with you on this! :yes:
  12. Despite the fact that I have reported at least a dozen of their auctions and have a discussion about this seller with Live Chat, ebay have still done nothing about this seller. As you can see, there are bad feedbacks already and I hate to think how many people will be conned by them. I am so sick of ebay, they are gready, filthy, robbing gits with zero ethics and morals.
  13. We should all report and hopefully the auctions will be taken down.
  14. :yes::yes::yes:

    I've just posted a link to their Chloe auctions on the Chloe Shopping forum cause I know those ladies are pretty active when it comes to pouncing on these fakers! I hate people like this, they make me sick.
  15. Can someone tell me how you report a fake to ebay. I've spotted 3 fake bbags through 1 seller and want to report but don't know how? Thanks.