Fake seller at it again!

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  1. I foolishly bought this when I was a newbie and didn't know anything. To make a long story short, after learning what was real vs. fake, I returned the bag, had paper evidence of the return, filed a claim with ebay and PayPal and won my claim. (yea!) The seller disappeared from ebay as soon as I filed, but I was able to get my money back. It took alot of patience and time (and was I glad to have kept the return tracking slip, because they claimed I never sent the bag back!)

    I feel ambivalent about the good feedback I had left when I first received the bag....I let it stand. I feel like if I start something now I'll get bad feedback in return; or I'll feel like I'm going back on a deal--even though you aren't held to a deal with criminals; in short, blackmail or something like that. I don't have enough of a clever criminal mind to figure all this out. It's such a scummy business, because I think these women who work for these companies are out of money when you renig on a crooked deal like this--even though they are part of it, you feel sorry for them. The only thing that saved me was some paralegal training that I remembered that you aren't bound to an illegal contract. Otherwise I would have thought, well, a deal's a deal--it's too late.

    Anyway--I can't believe it--they're back UNDER THE SAME NAME! Now I can't believe I bought that obviously fake bag!:shame: The nerve of these people: eBay: AUTH NEW Fendi Blue Velvet SQUIRREL Spy Bag STUNNING (item 110061509504 end time Nov-30-06 11:08:11 PST)
  2. Report it
  3. Reported that plus their fake Gucci! :flowers: They'll be gone soon. Keep reporting:

    110061509504, 110059880043
  4. I have reported them too.
  5. That is awful. I hope the winner of the auction is a member here and sees it.
  6. Thank you for reporting this! I didn't even think about reporting them again, so I'm glad you all did. Should I also? You know--I answered my own question--I'm going to--they're not going to get away with it again!

    Purse forum ladies are AWESOME!!!!:busted :yahoo:
  7. Now all they have left to sell is a $25 Anne Klein bag. LOL
  8. I can't stand that. How do these people sleep at night???? I wish there was more we could do than just reporting their auctions.. :cursing: