Fake second chance offer

  1. If anyone had bid on any auction by linda*s***stuff, there are fake second chance offer floating around.:tdown:
    Even though the offer is in your eBay mailbox, please do not send any payment. Just give them a call. Their phone number is listed on their eBay store page. (1-800 number is not working but the regular number is ok)

    I talked to linda*s***stuff this morning and confirmed that their account was hi-jacked.
  2. Who are we supposed to call. I got one this morning.
  3. I got one also.......for the green bag....son of a b***h...

    That soooo annoys me.......keep on top of it gals!
  4. Call linda*s***stuff. Her number is on their eBay store page.
  5. That's scary, she have so may items.
  6. I know what u mean. I guess u can never be too careful when it comes to ebay.:nogood: