Fake retail prices on Ebay

  1. Has anyone else noticed that sellers will often inflate the retail price of items on Ebay? I've noticed people bidding over retail for Tiffany items that they could buy brand new for less. Also I've seen a Hermes watch with a fake retail, making the reserve price look better. :censor:

    Just a warning to the PF girls, know the retail price before bidding. :love:
  2. Yeah, I've noticed this too. They will tell you they paid an amount that is way over what the retail was, so you think you're getting a good deal :sad:
  3. I'm sure there is plenty of that, but there are also items above retail (limited LV, Birkins) and it's def. a buyer's market.
  4. ^^Indeed....Personally, i always research any items i'm interested in on 'Google' first:yes:

    I've often found stuff even cheaper checking out other websites first.

    Of course, some things can still be a real bargain on Ebay, you've just got to know what you're looking for - and then decide on the price you're willing to pay.
  5. Sometimes.. but in certain cases the retail prices aren't global prices so the price may actually be correct (e.g. Vuitton prices are different depending on location). In any case, people that obviously are just inflating the retail prices are preying on laziness and stupidity of others (those that don't do research !!) and that's just mean !
  6. Generally speaking, You just have to be an educated buyer & have an authentic interest in the item...a lot of people who buy luxury items & end up getting screwed on ebay are those who have absolutely no idea about these goods in the first place. They probably went out & saw a gorgeous lady with a beautiful designer bag, shoes, etc. & decide they want to look like that too :graucho: Some people just don't know what things actually cost because they've never set foot in places like Saks or Nordstroms.