Fake Receipts?!?!?!

  1. Hi yall,

    these days i've been seeing a lot of online sales that claim they have "receipts" to prove authenticity. But why does it seem like every seller has a "receipt" while it's SO HARD to find authentics these days?? Do even fakes come with receipts nowadays? I came across this LV seller on craigslist today... and i might be mistaken but this one looks fake to me because the colors seem to be off. I might be totally wrong so i wanted you guys' feedback on this. She has an eluxury.com receipt here but i dont know... does this MC speedy look real to you guys?

    1000% Authentic Louis Vuitton White Multicolore Speedy 30 like new

    thanks for reading!!
  2. yuper, there's fake receipt, at least i caught one seller use fake receipt for Chanel logo earring on Ebay. As far as the color difference, there are many factors such as the lighting, camera quality, as well as ur monitor color set up. The best bet is buy w/good reputable seller who offers return policy.
  3. Yes, there are tons of fakes with receipts! Some people either print out fake receipts or buy them. It's awful.
  4. Fake :throwup: I remember telling a French seller that his "eLuxury" receipt was fake after he had told me he ordered it and had it delivered à Perpignon. eLux doesn't ship outside of the US. What a dork he was!
  5. Receipts are so easy to fake! Don't trust them!
  6. Yup. Red flags: The colors and leather are off.
  7. aren't elux receipts supposed to be lavender or purpleish??? not BLUE??? LOL
  8. Anyone can buy an eLuxury receipt generator on the cesspool iOffer.
  9. They have the same fakes like that in Vancouver too but for a different purse.
  10. Usually a genuine receipt has watermarks. If you hold it up to the light you can see it
  11. ugh i CANT BELIEVE what nerves these kinds of sellers have. I would feel so terrible ripping someone off so MAJORLY. yea, i guess receipts aren't so hard to reproduce... after all they're just paper...

    ugh! i'm sick of finding fakes online.
  12. there was a girl a while back that was selling fake lv receipts. for like 25 bucks scam artist could have her make one for them and it looked so legit
  13. If I have a receipt, I use it. You know that Saks and Macys and Bloomies use regular store receipts, not boutique. Be careful of any new item with the horse and carriage, or if they are like a regular sheet of paper. When I sell, I give the copy, once the deal is sealed, then they get the real one. That's for postal insurance purposes.