Fake R&R jeans

  1. I've been reading some of the threads of buying fake stuff on e-bay. Well, it just happened to me. I bought a pair of "authentic Rock & Republic" jeans from a new seller. I even asked her prior to paying if they were authentic and she said yes and that I had gotten a really good deal. I paid $96. for jeans she said were worth $218. and were new with tags. Well, the tag is an obvious fake. The jeans are really bad fakes.
    Can I just send them back to her since she said 3 day money back in her listing? I e-mailed her to let her know I know they are fake and want a full refund. I also opened a dispute with Paypal as this is how I paid.
  2. good luck. and i dont mean it in a sarcastic way. i got burned like that too for a pair of SFAMK several years ago. i asked if they were authentic and she said yes. i didn't wear them but went to wash before i wear (which i do with all new clothes) and the button fell off in the dryer. the one and only time i bought from eBay. never again. sorry it happened to you too.
  3. You are fine. You filed a dispute with paypal hold on and wait until they tell you what to do. She has time to respond, if she doesn't in the alotted time escalate to a claim.

    Paypal may have you pay to get the jeans authenticated. And they may tell you to send them back, if you do use delivery confirmation and insurance to cover yourself. Paypal will ask for the DC number you send it to them. After it shows up at the sellers house it will take 1-2 weeks but paypal will refund your money.

    I just completed a SNAD and it was painless and actually pretty quick and I was refunded my purchase price and original shipping.

    Good luck
  4. Join authenticforum.com!!! I love it there! They are SO helpful and will authenticate all purchases before buying. honestforum.com is also great, I'm a member there too. :smile: I hope you get your money back for this one.

    You can also ask at these forums how to win the dispute, since MANY people have had this happen. Most jeans on eBay are fakes, just like bags...
  5. omg they fake these too? ugh!

    oh i was just at nord racks today and they had a huge shipment of r + r for about 80-90 dollars
  6. Thanks Beth :smile:

    To the OP -- if the seller refuses your refund, escalate it to a PP claim. At that point, PP will require a letter from an unbiased, third-party person stating that the jeans are fake. The moderators at authenticforum have written hundreds of these letters and we are all recognized and accepted by PP as unbiased third parties. If your claim gets to this point, please speak to the R&R moderator (cyn) on AF and she can help you get your money back.

    Best of luck!
  7. Oh thank you. I just joined Authenticforum.com. I took pics of the jeans as the ones posted on e-bay are not very good. The seller contacted me and she will refund as soon as I send them back. I will ship with delivery confirmation. Funny, but she shipped them without DC. She still claims they are authentic. They are so fake she couldn't pay me to keep them!
    fake R&R jeans 001.jpg fake R&R jeans 003.jpg fake R&R jeans 002.jpg fake R&R jeans 006.jpg
  8. ^^Oh yeah, those are really bad fakes! At least you were able to detect them; unfortunately Ebay is full of so many fake jeans that a normal buyer would have a hard time figuring the real/fake ones. But now that you've joined a denim forum, you'll start getting the hang of figuring out how to tell a fake pair....and soon you'll start scoring great deals on Ebay and more! :smile: