fake purse

  1. [​IMG]
  2. That's cute and funny! LOL!
  3. Hmm! :idea:

    Are you thinking what I am thinking...
  4. So, what is everyone thinking???????
  5. lol i saw that on LJ, too cute! i thought about ordering the t-shirt but i don't know when i'd wear it.
  6. I would NEVER wear a shirt like that - It has a nasty vibe. Outside of this blog, not funny.
  7. What is LJ? Is it a store?
  8. it's livejournal.com, i'm a member of a few handbag communities there.
  9. yeah, that's what i was thinking...i mean, it's hilarious, but WHERE is that acceptable? nowhere...lol, too bad.
  10. haha! i LOVE that! i'm gonna use it as my msn avatar!
  11. way cute icon!
  12. I like this one too!:lol:
  13. that website is funny...and there is a picture of a girl(?) with really bad 80's mullet hair under the tee-shirt section, (that was really funny too.) :biggrin:
  14. how cute is that???? hahahaha
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