Fake Purse sale at my work...

  1. So about at about 10:30 this morning, I received an email (I'm at work) from our AVP's administrative assistant. The subject line was 'Purse Sale, Designer Styles without Designer Prices'. She sent an inviation out to several ladies within our organization to come out to our picnic table area during lunch time to shop for "designer" bags. So of course everyone around me was getting so excited! First of all, I couldn't believe that this could occur at work..it is illegal...
    So I went down to look with some of my co-workers (they all know what a Coach freak I am). I didn't act like a snob about it, but the bags were disgusting! She had stored them in a huge vacuum cleaner box and had them laid out all over the picnic table. One of my friends asked me, "are you sure these are fake". I was like "UMMMM YES"!! And the fake smell of the bags just hit me right in the face as I got closer to them (ya know how fake bags have that particular smell?). I was probably down there for a total of 5 minutes at the most before I said "I need to get back to my desk"...
    Again, I tried not to be a snob, but I was just totally disgusted.
  2. OMG. I would have died. Just died, that's all.

    Do they KNOW that's ILLEGAL? Maybe you could casually mention it...
  3. Well a few of my coworkers knew it was illegal because they mentioned it, but I'm not sure if the lady organizing it did. And she is such a nice lady, I would feel so bad if I hurt her feelings....
  4. I have a co-worker that sells fake Coach, Gucci & LV bags out of her car trunk during work!
  5. EEEEEKkkkk... nasty. but yeah, if someone else organized it and they're a nice person, you wouldnt want to hurt their feelings... its hard though. i have a coworker who has a couple of fake coaches that her roomate bought her from china. and they are actually quite good fakes, not the totally disgusting ones. anyhow, she is convinced that it's real even after her roomie told her she buys them off the street in Hong Kong.. hahah.. and i just feel so bad because she thinks theyre real. even while holding it up nexxt to my coach bags.
  6. Wow! I can't imagine having something like that at work. People at my old job used to have these parties (up where you live!) and I never went. I didn't want to come off snobby but there was no way I was going.
    And I'm laughing at the "smell" of fake bags. That would be plastic and cheap ink :p
  7. OMG!! I would have died. And at work of all places!!
  8. That's awful! At my place of employment it is a rather large campus and we have a famer's market/flea market every Wednesday and there are two designer inspired handbag vendors who show up. The bags don't actually say COACH, Prada, LV etc but you can tell they are attempting to copy. It's pretty gross too. I just wander through them and chuckle to myself and at the women who want to spend $60 + on this junk.
  9. Holy cow!!! I can't believe this happened to you at work!
  10. I live up here in the Northeast and these fake bag parties are all the rage...I cannot imagine it either, but people are so sucked into getting at "deal" that they can't see straight:push:...if they only knew if they'd spend an extra $50 or so they'd get an authentic Coach or Dooney, etc. It might last longer than a few months also...
  11. my mom works at a hospital, and she said that a woman came in one day with a bunch of purses and tried to sell them to many of the employees and patients. i think she displayed them all outside the building for everyone to browse through.

    yea, absolutely shocks me that these things happen.
  12. Ladies,

    My story takes the cake--I noticed that there was a big yellow sign in the front yard of a house on the next street from mine the other day. Drove past it, and guess what it was advertising!!!!Designer Purse Parties!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on the fence about what to do, thinking of contacting the homeowner's association about it, or the non-emergency police line.
  13. Eww... one of my coworkers (who recently got let go) kept telling my friends and I to come to her purse parties~ At first I was like "wait, they're real?" and she went "ew no, of course not! they're fakes!"~ I just tried to avoid the topic whenever she brought it up afterward :nogood:
  14. :roflmfao:
    This is like that SexintheCity episode when the girls visit LA! Fendi, LV, Gucci all out of the trunk of a car in a bad part of town!
  15. Selling fake purses is illegal. I think I would have had anonomously called the cops.