Fake Purse - Return to Seller?

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  1. I just won my paypal claim after an agonizing wait. Paypal sent me this message:

    "Thanks for taking the time to file a claim for the above transaction. We
    regret hearing that you didnt receive the item you thought you were
    purchasing. To receive a refund, you must return the item to the seller at
    the following address:"

    The address given was the seller's address. This woman has just been awful and I have no doubt she will attempt to resell the bag. I also thought it was illegal to mail counterfeits through the post office.

    Should I just mail it back and get my refund, and risk someone else getting scammed? Or should I contact paypal?
  2. I just went thru this, and even had a LETTER from an authentication service that stated that the bag was fake. PP still insisted that I return the fake bag to the seller. If you see the bag come back up for sale, PM us and we will try to help report it and get it removed.
    You can call PP, and confirm that they really want you to return the bag. I would also confirm w/ them HOW to ship and what proof they need of delivery. Normally, they want a tracking # and online confirmation of delivery.
    When you return the bag, I offer these suggestions:
    1. Send fed-ex or UPS, as that is not the same as USPS mail, which is supposedly illegal.
    2. Photograph the bag IN DETAIL w/ a digital camera as you are packing it, in case the seller tries to claim that you damaged her bag prior to return.
    3. Return w/ a tracking number AND online delivery confirmation, adult signature required, so that you have PROOF that it was returned.

    Pain in the butt, eh? Good luck.
  3. I had a letter from caroldiva stating that the bag was not authentic as well. This is going to be a pain.

    I think sending it back UPS is a good idea. My parents own a UPS store, but I thought since the woman sent it to me priority mail that I should mail it back they way it was sent to me. I would feel much more comfortable with UPS though.

    Paypal says they'll refund me as soon as I input the tracking information, is this really the case? Or do I have to wait until the seller receives it? I am so sick of dealing with this woman.

    Thanks so much. I really just didn't expect to have to send an OBVIOUSLY fake bag back to a rude, disrespectful seller.
  4. As Elli Mae said above, be sure and document package from a lot of different angles inside and out and showing that you're in the UPS store with the package. I would also photograph everything like the receipts, etc. Where are you sending it back to?? Be nice to warn others so we can be aware of this faker. Good luck.
  5. Once I saw online that seller had received the bag back, I waited 24 hrs for PP to acknowledge. Which they did not do. So, I gave up and called PP to tell them about the delivery confirmation. And supposedly, the seller then has 3 days to respond.
    SO... CALL PP the minute you see that the seller has confirmed the delivery. Then wait... again.
    I think my seller received pkg on a thurs, responded on Sat, money was in my account next day.