Fake Promise no bag

  1. I was so dubious when i got an email from some company claiming that I would be recieving a free horsebit guccisima if i became a member of a number of selected companies. I hesitated but went through the process joining a couple. I was promised that with in two months, i was going to be contacted to confirm my address. A couple months passed and i heard nothing.

    I know it was silly but i remembered other members doing something similar here and they got their LV purses.

    If you have had similar email ignore its no good!! They might use other bags too.

    Unfortunately i forgot their name but they said they were working in conjuction some company called 'fashion...' I'm sorry i couldn't be more specific but i hope it helps someone.
  2. thanks for the tip :smile: same thing happen to me but cant remember the site
  3. If it is too good to be true, it is.