Fake Prada STORES!!! anyone heard anything about this?!

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  1. ok so recently on vacation in bali (which btw was BEAUTIFUL) my family and i were doing a little shopping at the Sogo discovery mall and.....lo and behold there was a random prada store in the midst of all these surfer stores, and there was a big sign hanging in the window saying "50% off!!" so naturally we walked up for a closer look. and what i saw SHOCKED me: employees dressed in casual clothes, sitting down, slouching etc and THE BAGS WERE WRAPPED IN CLEAR PLASTIC BAGS.

    and then a few days later, we saw another one of these "prada" stores and decided to check it out (who knows? maybe we were in for the deal of our lives) and it just even more horrific. not only were the bags/shoes in plastic bags, but the prada was a COMPLETELY wrong font (kinda like times new roman i think), everything was crooked, cheap crap leather etc.... needless to say we were OUTRAGED. :cursing:

    does anyone know about this? i mean it's one thing to sell counterfeit bags on eBay etc but to set up a whole fake STORE? it's just so disgusting and kind of a slap in the face. i wanted to call the prada headquarters and alert them!! in exchange for a few bags of course... :graucho:
  2. Mancho, I was last year in Bali and yes, I remember these totally fake stores as well. I was in the Kuta area, but I found other brand shops that were clearly completely fake. I guess it is not a crime to sell counterfeit things in Bali, so I really do not know what could any company's headquarters do against this. BTW have you seen the totally fake CD and DVD stores? I was shocked too to discover them!!
  3. Wow! That is really messed up. I can't believe that the brands haven't sued.
  4. Whoa........ a whole STORE ?????? Unbelievable......
  5. my goodness..how terrible
  6. These people obviously have no fear of getting caught!
  7. yeah they had a bunch of polo ralph lauren stores too... our tour guide said that the RL stores are real but prada are not, but i have doubts about that!

    Fraublucher i don't think i saw any fake dvd/cd stores in bali but i am not surprised at all. i also find it weird that the sogo discovery mall would even permit a fake prada store to open.
  8. i've seen something like this in CA local. it was disgusting as you speak of it also. was the store actually named "prada"? that would be even more sickening.
    well, that store in my local hometown is no longer there. i heard from my friend who owned a store next to them that one day the FBI went there and raided the store. took all the bags and such and such. whoa! store closed down. whoopie!
  9. YAY!! i'm SO glad something was done about that store in your hometown. it's sickening isn't it! and yes the stores in bali were actually named Prada. except for you can pretty much tell at first glance that its not real, everything all shotty looking. and some of the bags were "50% off" for like $400 US. i hope no one was stupid enough to have bought any, thinking that they got a deal!
  10. it's quite "normal" to see stores that "dedicates" to selling fake stuff in some parts of asia, especially tourist area. in china i see rows of shops that sell fake bags, charms, dvds, cds frequently.