Fake prada from Ebay

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  1. I bought a fake Prada on ebay. the seller wouldn't give me a refund. He/she claimed that he bought it from this site edesignershop.com which guarantees authenticity, but it seems to me they totally look fake. the website offers 100% satisfication and money back guarantee. this looks even more susipicious. anybody has experience with this website?
  2. It is not up to you to research where this person bought the bag, it was their responsibility. If it is a fake you can claim through Paypal for a refund. You may need a letter from an authenticator if the seller refuses.
  3. What she said. I would file a dispute.

  4. Me,too... file a claim w/ Paypal. CALL them if you need help as to HOW to do this. If you need a letter stating the bag is fake, go to caroldiva.com.
    Been there, done that.
  5. thanks ladies for your advice.
    I ordered a letter from my poupette. but the sellers doesn't have more than 50 feedbacks, so it wouldn't qualify for a full paypal coverage. I paid for more than $500, i think i will only get $300 back through paypal (unless there's still money in the seller's account). I didn't pay with my credit card either, i paid with my paypal balance, so i can't file a charge back.
    wish i had been more careful with this transaction. anyways, i learnt a lesson.
  6. If you do not get a response from My Poup VERY QUICKLY, contact caroldiva. MP has been VERY slow to respond, and some complaining about NEVER getting a response.
    Did you file your claim? If you filed a claim, PP should freeze seller's funds.
    Does the seller have a bunch more of these "fake" bags for sale?

    This was my story... may be of some help to read...
  7. Hang in there...hopefully Mypoupette will send you your response and you can get things moving with a dispute. I love how the seller "refuses" to refund you...who does this person think they are?!
  8. Oh that is so sad. I would file a complaint with Paypal. If this seller does not refund out at least his/her account will likely become limited and he will be unable to sell.

    Tell them this and maybe they will refund you before you make a formal complaint.
  9. HM... we have a sticky on this thread for non-paying bidders.... but we don't have a sticky for listing fake sellers & scammers..... ??