fake pink carly...on ebay.

  1. a ton of people on here have reported it too, I can't believe it's even still up!!!! :cursing:
  2. I don't know how many times I have reported this stupid auction! I can't believe it is still up and people are bidding on it! That nasty lining is the biggest sign!!!
  3. wow, that's terrible. yuck :yucky:
  4. I reported it too. It has to be taken down it is almost over! I think we should all work for eBay and Coach. lol There would be no bags available because most of them are fake!
  5. This thread will probably get closed since there have many about this... Just to say...
  6. UGH!

    Reported it.. :sad:

    I hope it gets yanked off REAL SOON!
  7. haha i randomly saw this on eBay and reported it too even before i realized there was this thread on it!
  8. I'd reported this 2x 2 days ago! It doesn't look like eBay's going to do anything about it! Darn it!!!
  9. I gave in and msged her! LOL

    We could always msg the winning bidder when it's over but I know it's not allowed...
  10. She even has a little message that it's real in spite of the little C's on the inside lining. DUH! I reported it. Just keep reporting it and hopefully they'll do something. This makes me so mad that they close down authentic auctions for stupid reasons but let garbage like this go on.
  11. I read that ebay ignores mulitple reports of one item from the same ebay member...
  12. This is an ungly fake, the linning is yucky but it's about to be sold in just a few more minutes.....
  13. 20 mins left and at $232.50! Man for that price you could add just a tad more money and just buy the real deal!

    EDIT: YAY! It finally got pulled!
  14. FINALLY :yahoo::yahoo: