Fake Perforated Cles already!!

  1. when i click that link i keep getting taken to microsoft.com.....bill gates wants to take over my computer :Push:
  2. haha i get the microsoft.com link too!

    here's the link fixed:

    and yea, the fake makers are actually VERY QUICK on these things. they actually produce this stuff BEFORE the lines are even released in the stores! like the Cerise! release date was February 2005, and it was already selling on ebay and ioffer in January.

    no big surprise bout this one either.
  3. omg how do you tell apart from the horrorable card? this si y i dont buy from ebay way to gulable
  4. makes me sick-didja look at her other items; she's got a fake Birkin too.
  5. Not enough holes to perforate :biggrin: