Fake Paypal Emails---BEWARE!!!

  1. I received a fake paypal email today telling me that I had to add my debit/bank info due to certain security measure or what not. I kinda had a feeling it was a spoof one bc it did not address my name..but anyways..just wanted to give a heads up for anyone whos browser doesn't let them know---I use Fire Fox & the browser automatically informed me that it was a fake page.


  2. Thanks for the info. I wonder how many people fall for these scams...
  3. no prob!

    once you enter ur info, ur screwed!!!
  4. God it actually looks like a real mail as well - they are getting too good at it now!

    Congrats on being on the ball with it all
  5. Scarry Part Is That The Fake Site Looked Soooo Legit & Just Like The Paypal You See...
  6. I got one too, but my junk mail catcher got it.
  7. EVERY single email I get from Paypal I ALWAYS send it to spoof@paypal.com

    They get back to you within an hour usually. Most of the time they are ALL fake.

    Better to be safe than sorry !!!
  8. scary, thanks for that!
  9. oh, I just got one that said there was some unauthorized transactions on my account and I had to log into my account with the provided link to verify my identity........ no.
    report it to paypal on the double!
  10. I love firefox. Been getting too many of those fake paypal mails lately. Paypal will address you by name, not something ilke "dear paypal customer". You shouldn't click on email links, open up the site in your browser. I hope nobody gets hit.
  11. Thanks for info! It's helpful!
  12. I'm right there with you on that!! That is precisely what I do, too. I get these sorts of e-mails all the time and every time they turn out to be some sort of scam.......always send it to spoof@eBay.com before responding. They're trying to get your passwords.
  13. I got one today! It said that there had been multiple attempts at accessing my logon and to use the link provided to reset the password. It looked real too. Except that it hadn't been addressed to me. "Dear Paypal User"

    I sent it to Paypal. Be Careful!
  14. Haha, wow. I cannot believe anyone actually falls for these anymore!

    Anytime you get an email from anything you need to log onto, always open a new browser window and retype the company site (ex: paypal.com). Even if the FROM email address says PayPal.

    Also, just so you know, companies do not request info over emails. And they do not give certain detailed account info in emails.

    As mentioned, forward the PayPal ones to spoof@paypal.com and the eBay ones to spoof@eBay.com
    You dont need to write them a letter with the forward, just simply forward it and they will know what it is.

    Please take the 15 extra seconds to forward these because it aids in getting rid of scammers.
  15. This is gettin wayyyy out of hand!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just received ANOTHER FAKE paypal email!!!

    This time it freaked me out for a second b/c it was a RECEIPT of a payment I sent to someone and the funny thing is that the email they sent it to--my paypal has been closed a long time ago. They do thsi so that you can enter ur login and so they can just get ur PW.

    I will attach a photo soon.

    I forwarded that email to spoof@paypal.com