Fake Paddys from Nordstrom?

  1. Hey girls, I just bought my first Chloe from Nordstrom's today, and after reading the conflicting opinions in Jeannie's fake paddy thread...I got to thinking, what are the chances of a department store accepting a return and putting it back on sale without knowing that it was a fake? :amazed:

    Because I tend to be super paranoid about things, I'm a bit concerned about my metallic anthracite paddy. The round Chloe tag was a bit worn, so I suspect it was a returned item. Also, the buckles on each side of the bag, one of them is upside down (the chloe stamp on the buckle is facing downwards). Is that normal? Or can it easily be adjusted to upright?

    Below are some pics of my bag...someone please tell me I have nothing to worry about :Push:


    Some pics were taken with flash, some were not. If anyone needs to see more pics, let me know!
  2. looks authentic...the buckles are supposed to be that way.
  3. I came very close to purchasing a fake balenciaga bag at Neiman Marcus...it was a previous return and they had no idea it was fake. I brought it to their attention, but they didn't do anything about it.
  4. It's possible, but not very probable. that said, the fake metallics look terrible. Very pleather like. You have nothing to worry about. I have the same bag, looks just like yours
  5. It looks good. Usually the super fake counterfeiters don't do difficult colors like anthracite, mousse and taupe. Cause these colors are multi-facated and requires different components of dyes to get the exact shade.

    It's colors like ivory, tan and whiskey that are easily faked by the super counterfeiters.
  6. Looks good to me too. Those longer date codes/numbers haven't shown up on fakes yet, I don't think. The cylinder/barrel is supposed to be next to the e, making one side always upside down.
  7. Thanks for the input girls! I can sleep tonight, LOL.

    Gigi, that's horrible that NM did nothing about the fake Balenciaga! I hear that LV inspects their returns very thoroughly...but it must be a lot harder for department stores to do this. Thankfully there's a really small percentage of people who are scummy/gutsy enough to return a fake :hrmm:

    Thanks again everyone! :love:
  8. Lulu, GORGEOUS!!

    And I like your new icon!!
  9. Thanks Jenny! It's an old pic of Teddy. He doesn't lay under the table like that anymore...I think it's because he no longer fits under there, haha.
  10. That is a scary thought...if we can't even rely on a department store anymore to catch someone returning counterfeit bag in place of the orginal one they bought...well, your bag looks authentic to me, and it's beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the metallic Anthracite and the silver hardware. I want that color next!
  11. That bag is authentic. =)