Fake Paddy Sighting!

  1. Oh girls...I was out having dinner with my husband tonight and spotted a fake Paddington sitting in her own chair at the table next to ours! It was the Target "inspired" (and uninspiring) version in cream. While I am glad it was an inspired rather than a fake fake, I don't know whether to be excited that people here are starting to recognize the Paddy or disgusted that this bag is so hideous!
  2. i've seen fakes too, but not the target one, although i did see someone at target purchasing it. but one fake i see all the time, it must be the same girl because i don't know how many of these ugly fakes are out there, but it's got cow print on one side? the rest is brown leather, or it could be pleather. but boy is it ugly. makes me want to hurl everytime i see it. before everyone bashes me for hating fakes, let me just say it was a really UGLY fake ok? if she was carrying one that looked nicer without the two kinds of different patterns, wouldn't have been so bad.
  3. Hehe... it wasn't Britney Spears, was it?
  4. Ha-ha, cowprint!! That's a new one!

    The first f-addy (fake paddy) I saw was - I can name the date even - Dec 28, 2005. Actually it was the first anything-paddy I've seen cuz I'm from a fairly small city... Anyway, we were sitting at a football game, and a work colleague's nanny was sitting next to us with a big herkin' black ugly piece of luggage with a Chloe lock perched on top. I mean the thing did not give an inch when she picked it up or tossed it on the concrete. It looked like an athletic duffle with a lock. I thought to myself "this cannot be the IT bag I hear of..." and wondered how her nanny could afford it unless she got it in lieu of services? So when I got back to our small town I checked out the paddington mystique via internet, was able to quickly determine that the bag is question was total fake-o, and within 2 months found myself with 4 paddys sitting in my living room.

    I blame the nanny.
  5. I see fakies everywhere now in LA- not the target inspired ones, but replicas that are exact copies (except you can tell by quality of leather and shininess of hardware)- I think I may have seen 3 just today!
  6. i only seen a fake one once at my work... a customer walked in, and my manager pointed out ":hey that looks like your new bag that you just bought..." I glanced quickly and to find out that it was a fake... a bad fake for that... my manager then goes.. I couldnt tell... Idont have the eyes for it. But for me... i knew it was fake within the second my eyes landed on her faddy (ahahahah blugenie)
  7. Everytime I go shopping in a mall in Melbourne, I spot Faddys (fake Paddys ala Blugenie's post;)). Bad ones at that. I've seen some inspired ones too but more the fakes. Why ppl prefer the awful fake ones to nicer, better-quality/better looking inspired ones is beyond me.
  8. I guess if they are more interested in it as a "trend" bag and don't want to spend $1K+ they go fake. But I have issues with the "ethical" and "moral" aspects of fake bags. Well, and life is to short to carry a cheap bag!
  9. I see a lot of fake Paddys too, and they're the plastic (pleather?) kind. Real ugly, but not surprising that they are around.

    But what really gets me are the many "inspired" versions, i.e. copies, I see by reputable brands (in Scandinavia).
  10. :amazed: :P :lol: :lol: :lol: