FAKE paddy from net a porter? Please help me

  1. I was wondering if someone could help me, I too bought the tan paddy fron net a porter in the sale, however the padlock is a different colour metal to the metal loop it goes through, the metal loop is more prangey bronzey gold. I was worried about it being a switched fake so rang NAP who said that there is no way it could be as quality control checks everything etc and I could have a refund but they did not have anymore tan bags so I could not have an exchange, I then rang Chloe who said that they sometimes are different colours as they are made in different factories etc. But I also noticed on the back of the padlock the screws on the leather aren't all facing the same way and in the little booklet thing it says 'store personal' at the end, is it meant to say 'store personnel'? And also, my serial number is in the pocket on the right hand side, if you are looking at it so that is faces up from where is is stitched into the fabric then the numbers are upside down, please help me out here I am so stressed it is a fake,
  2. I would return it to NAP if you strongly feel it is a fake - maybe post some pics for tPF members to check it out. It could be a fake via someone switching it etc although NAP is extremely reliable for selling authentic items.
    Hope this helps xxx
  3. First, if it is of any consolation- net-a-porter is a very well respected, and totally authentic, authorized seller of Chloe. I am 99.9% positive that you have an authentic bag. BUT in order to ease your mind, post pics so we can take a look and help in any way we can.
  4. I agree with taking pictures and posting them so we can have a look :smile: I wouldn't be too worried, but if it would help ease your mind, post pics!
  5. my metallic clutch's screws aren't facing the same way and the booklet says store personal too. i don't think yours is fake, but if it really bothers you, you should return it...
  6. Agree with the gals above, nothing you have described necessarily indicates a fake.

    Post pics when you can and we can tell you.

    I got a paddy from NAP for Christmas and it is gorgeous!
  7. NAP is completely legit!
    jasminetaheri, welcome to TPF --- we would love to see your photos!
  8. Let us ease your worry and post pics and we can decide whether it is fake or not. NAP have experts when returning bags to make sure no switches have taken place so it is reallly reallly doubtful that you have a fake.
  9. I will post some pics asap, does the booklet with yours say 'store personal' have you ever seen a paddy with different coloured lock and lock thing? The bag is lush, the leather is amazing I think I'm just being paranoid but I am jiust stressing!
  10. I got a red paddy in the sale last week - just checked it over - the tag is in the same place, the screws on the lock are not aligned and my booklet says the same as yours. I think you defo have a real one as NAP are totally to be trusted. Once you post pics we can have a look at the padlock issue for you. I would say however if you are unhappy though you should send it back as if it annoys you just now then it may always annoy you. I know there are none left in the sale but there may be ones come back in the sale again.
  11. There is no doubt atall. NAP would not be fooled by a fake, even a really good one! Remember, they will not accept ANY item back if the tag (which needs to be cut) is removed, so nobody is going to be able to switch a bag and send it back to them. It cant happen, honestly.

    Post some piccies, but I am convinced yours is ok!!
  12. When I was deciding on a tan paddy I had two in my possession and the locks seemed a slightly different shade than the rest of the hardware on each bag (05 & 06). So I swapped locks on the bags and they were both perfect! Too bad you don't have that opportunity to exchange locks, but it's not uncommon for the bronze hardware to not match exactly.
  13. My lock is not exactly the same shade of bronzed gold to the loop, either. The loop is more golden looking than the lock, but you'd have to be looking hard to pick it. Anyway, I removed the lock before I used my Paddy to make the bag lighter, and the leather section on my lock is perfect, so I wouldn't want to get another one!

    I didn't have the opportunity to exchange the lock. But I notice when I start comparing things like that, I usually end up keeping my original selection.
  14. I can check my paddy when I get home but NAP is the best and totally authentic. Chloe does have quality control issues. I think you bag is 99.9% authentic but crooks are smart who knows something could have passed by NAP QC. Even if you are not concerned with being a fake, if you are not satisified with the look you should return it.
  15. Dear Jasmine:

    Drooling over your tan, I've bought 1 from the NAP too!
    What did you finally do with this bag, RETURN or KEEP?

    If you still have it, what is the 'Chloe tag' on yours said???
    It is kind of bothering me as mine does NOT have the 06 remark as my other paddies, so can you pls compare notes?!

    Thank you,