Fake Paddy Fiasco

  1. I actually started writing about this in another thread that I started but since it's a sort of new and urgent topic I'm starting a new thread on the issue.

    I had agreed to get the paddy authenticated before a trade with another PF member since it was an eBay auction -- reference the seller watch: http://forum.purseblog.com/seller-wa...ded-10831.html She used the dude (http://www.lovetart.com/askdude.htm) and sent several detailed pictures... and the result was that it was one of those super fakes!!! I had it re-authenticated by her because I wanted to be sure and this is the reasons she gave me:

    "the bag doesn't look authentic. its just is not right. the interior rippled fabric is incorrect. just because it's mADe well doesn't mean its real. it just means its a well made fake. "

    so then I wrote back and asked if she could be more specific. Her reply was:

    "i know but i cannot write a summary on how i know that each bag is fake or authentic and get into all the specifics. i would have no life. i can just give you my opinion.... "

    Yeah. Not really reassuring-- but she said that the lining on my bag doesn't look right. I'm now officially pissed. I looked up an all the other authentication sites that I could find and nothing else indicates that this bag would be fake (even the weight is correct!)

    I'm mortified... even one of our members said that this seller was good and the bag was real... I guess no one can be 100% sure. The bigger problem is that the eBay seller is now no longer a registered user on eBay and his email doesn't work. I emailed eBay but I really don't know what they'll be able to do.

    These are the detailed pictures of the paddy I took if you want to look for yourselves. Also can someone please take some pictures of their paddy (esp. if you have a whiskey) especially the interior and post them for me? Please?

    I want to cry... :sad2: :sad2: :sad2:
    paddy.jpg paddy_bottom.jpg paddy_buckle.jpg paddy_clasp.jpg paddy_inside.jpg paddy_lock.jpg paddy_lock2.jpg paddy_serial.jpg paddy_side.jpg
  2. Did you pay with paypal? Alot of times the sellers use different addresses on their paypal account. I would start a dispute with Paypal or your credit card. I would get the fact that it isn't authentic written down.
  3. "i know but i cannot write a summary on how i know that each bag is fake or authentic and get into all the specifics. i would have no life. i can just give you my opinion.... "

    Oh f'*ckin* PLEASE! Cry me a river Dude! This is the most lame, snarky, and unprofessional response I have ever read! With my raging PMS, I best log off this forum before I beat up my laptop!!

    If a person creates a business authenticating designer bags, she owes her customers the decency of a professional, well-written SUMMARY as to why she feels the bag is fake. And she openly admitted that this is only her opinion. So there you go...
  4. jeannie i'm so sorry you're going through this and i agree with roey that if somebody is going to charge you to authenticate, they can definitely afford to take a few minutes out of their precious life to justify their findings to you......that's what you're paying them for :blink:

    and these people are not the end all be all.....i remember reading earlier today in the LV sub forum that carol at my poupette had made authenticating errors, and they charge for their services as well, and i'm sure she's seen hundreds of LV bags.....
  5. I third this - you definitely deserve a very detailed explanation as to WHY. Each year differs so much from the previous that it's very hard to authenticate Chloe. Only thing that makes me question is because the seller is no longer registered...
  6. Jeannie, please take jc2239's advice and ask Dude for specifics. Tell her that's what you paid for, and you expect a professional summary of her findings.
  7. I know that's what bothers me the most too! (that the seller is no longer a registered user) But I am sort of p****** at the dude too for that un-professional remark. Between the original authentication by another PF member and the second one by me, this is $20 I spent on this authentication. :sad:

    Can anyone take some pictures of their paddy? Especially a close-up of the interior lining? Thanks.
  8. Jeannie, who is the seller, if you don't mind me asking?
  9. it is a little weird that the person is no longer a registered user, but like roey said, don't give up until you get a full explanation.......you paid the $10 fee, you obviously deserve an explanation, it's not like the person is running this service for free......

    also, found this post for you regarding my poupette so you could see what i was talking about regarding my poupette:

  10. Jeannie, I don't think pictures of our interior lining will help one way or the other. What exactly are you looking for, and I will do my best to check my bags over and let you know. If it is the serial number, some bags have a 10-digit and some have a 6-digit. The interior lining of my Whiskey is the same color as yours, but on the one I returned it was remarkedly thicker, making the bag stand up more versus slouch (due to the thickness giving the base more support). Here's are photos I snapped prior to returning it to NM.
    SmoothResized.jpg SmoothBackResized.jpg
  11. His eBay ID was "thewalletman" :sad2:
  12. i agree...since it's a service that she's charging for, it's not longer an issue of "taking time out of her life", she could do that when it was an altruistic thing
  13. Thanks. I just wrote the dude back for more explanations so when I get a response I'll post it!
  14. roey,
    The dude said that the interior fabric was wrong. The fabric on my bag isn't smooth (it has lines running through.. sory of like a really fine corduroy pattern? I don't know if I'm explaining this right -- you can see what I mean in the picture of the serial number I posted). This is the only reason she gave me so far for my bag not being authentic, so I was wondering if you could snap a photo of the lining of your bag to see what kind of fabric is used. Thanks!
  15. i guess the lining does look like it has wider spaced ridges than the cord on mine, or in other pics i've seen.. here are some pics of lining etc (babypink kitten's, hope she doesn't mind).. mine has the same sort of ridge spacing and size.. but then again mine was from the same year as this one, with the same serial, whereas yours is a different year..
    anyway hope it helps
    phonepocket.jpg stamp.jpg interior.jpg