fake paddingtons.....

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  1. after all the drama we had last night about the fake/not fake chloe paddingtons i'm really freaked out about ordering my bag from anywhere other than a major department store but the only place i've found that has the paddington anthracite or silver in the small size seems to be luisaviaroma.com........i know that people have said they're dependable but am i still taking a risk ordering from them?.....do u guys know or any other places that have paddingtons in the small size?
  2. Aloha Rag had a small red one a while ago, but it's not on the site anymore. Maybe you can try shooting them an email or giving them a call to see if they will be getting any?

    I would order from LVR, the Purse Blog is the first place I heard of them, and I had posted something about the site a couple of days ago and Vlad mentioned they sell authentic bags.
  3. I wouldn't worry about LVR, I've heard they vouched for on multiple sites. :smile:
  4. the problem with SS was that we only had assurance about them from one source, but i've heard multiple times from multiple different people that LVR is legit, so don't worry. what's their return policy?
  5. LVR is the web-site of one of Italian most famous shops! They're legit for sure, so do not worry and order from them!
  6. Yes, Aloha Rag is very reputable :biggrin: I've been in the shop and have to say their stuff is definitely authentic. Speaking of which, I finally figured out why they didn't call me about the silver paddington...I changed my damn #!!!! :cry:
  7. Oh no! Did you call them and get everything squared away?
  8. I'd give LVR a green light. Have yet to hear anything fishy about them.

  9. lol haven't had time, but I figure if I want the silver I can always order it from NM. They have a better defect policy. Aloha Rag will only take care of it for a couple of months, NM is pretty good about taking care of a bag for much longer than that:biggrin:
  10. if i am ever going to buy a chloe paddy online again, i would definitely buy from NM or NAP (authorized dealers only!!!). I learnt my lesson big time. I bought a tan paddy from a wesite who guarantees authenticity, but when I compared to the one in the chloe store they are different!!!! I questioned the website and never gotten any reply. So, spend couple to three hundred bucks more if you have to or even wait for couple months (if it's sold out), but at least you can sleep at night.
  11. EXACTLY!!
    Saving and scrimping $200-300 is not worth the emotional labor that you have to go through!
  12. thanks guys for all the feedback......i'm not considering ordering from LVR to save money....probably wouldn't save much if anything after customs and all.....it's just the only place i can find that carries the color and size i want......:worried:
  13. I think the LVR is diifferent from other online sites in that it is an actual store and online they have not only bags as many fake sellers do but they actually carry the clothing, ex:they sell Chloe clothes. what bag is it that you want?
  14. Yup, LVR and Aloharag definitely authentic!
  15. I want the Chloe paddington anthracite bag in the small size....i can't handle nething bigger and i think it's the perfect size for me but no one seems to carry the small sized paddingtons....