Fake Paddingtons in Popular Clothing Catalogs

  1. So I was flippin' through a Victoria Secret Catalog when I saw this photo of a model carrying a fake Chloe Paddington. :yucky: Although the shape of the bag looks good on her and you gives us some insight on how a bag would look on (well, on a 5'11 beautiful runway model for that matter:lol:) I can't help but think..."why do large production companies use fake handbags?" I know it is because they consider them a prop but come on...aren't they trying to sell clothing/style to the fashion conscious? True, Victoria Secret isn't high-end (I would be shocked to see a fake bag promoted on the covers of Vogue) but they should at least use a prop that is an "inspired by" bag instead of a straight knock-off.

    Same goes for huge movie productions - I recently saw a advertisement for a Wayan brothers' movie (we've discussed it before, I believe) where a movie whiskey paddington was not only in the movie but featured in several scenes. Funny, the time of that movie release also coicided with an Ebay seller claiming to see authentic Chloe Ediths originating from a "movie set". They actually used that characteristics as one of the things to prove the bag's authenticity. :Push:

    Edit: One thing about the paddington in the VS catalog. I'm assuming it is fake because the rivulets on the bag (the rounded tabs attaching the handles to the bag) are not the right size. The side leather strips are inaccurate as well. However, I would need to see more photos...what are your thoughts, ladies?
  2. are you sure it's a chloe and not an inspired bag VS made?
  3. I thought about that and checked some of my past catalogs and never saw any handbags similar...(they are not big handbag sellers, more clothes and shoes).
  4. its an inspired chloe- which is a copu which is a fake.. its so sad that big coorperations are doin it too
  5. inspired is not fake. it's also legal.
  6. It's not illegal but I don't think it's completely right. Inspired doesn't mean identical... they look like they're trying to pass it off as a Chloe (from that angle anyway.)

    IMO, and inspired bag should have some of the characteristics and not all. Maybe the shape and color but different handles and no lock. Same size, color, and handles, but not rivets and no key. KWIM?

    I think if you showed that bag to most people, they would think it's a Chloe.
  7. actually, chloe is not that known among people who aren't into designer goods (i.e. most of the population) All designs are copied, no one design out there is original. Inspired bags are great for those who love the style, but can't drop a grand or even $100 on something. It's better for someone on a tighter budget to buy inspired, than fake.
  8. ^ ITA, inspired is so much better than a fake. :yes:

    Edit: You're right about most people not knowing about Chloe. I'm talking about people who do know about Chloe (say they read fashion magazines or even come to this forum) Honestly, if LG didn't explain those differences, I would think it was a Chloe. ;)
  9. Agree with Audrey- I wouldn't have noticed those tiny details, but I would have noticed
    that the padlock was not facing out. To me that says they don't want to get into a battle
    over if it's a Chloe Paddington or not.

    I have to weigh in on the side of not caring for the "inspired" bags either. Better than a
    fake, yes. But still takes away some of the specialness, IMHO.
  10. Maybe the bag in the VS catalog is the large Paddy style? After all, it is a on a *tall* model and it looks big. That might explain the strange proportions?
  11. I don't know if it's a fake forsure.. .it can be easily assumed.. but i've seen VS catalogs and the models are wearing authentic designer shoes, even though they have that colin brand (which is designer inspired) shoe in their catalog.

    I wouldn't pass it off as a fake completely as chloe is too inconsistent.

    They probably didn't show the front because of royalty fee issues.. like VS can't promote Chloe if they're not selling it.. so they show the back of the bag... You know if VS did do that, they would have to pay chloe royalty $$$ for advertising their bag or something along those line, or it could be the other way around. i forgot how it goes.
  12. I agree with D & G about the royalty fee.

    I also noticed that women on some soap operas use fake handbags & luggage. I always wondered why.
  13. I imagine because so many people handle these items, they're in and out of storage.. basically anyone could (and would!) steal them
  14. ^ That's a really good point, these bags are expensive! They probably can't afford to have them stolen by people on the set.
  15. Allison has made some good points. I don’t care much for the so called inspired by bags either, but it's far better than a fake, and I guess the trends have to start from somewhere.