fake paddington, socially unacceptable?

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  1. Hi guys, i'm new to this forum. I want a chloe paddington but cannot afford one at the moment. Do you think it's okay to carry a fake choco paddington or do you think i'll look tacky.
  2. Tacky. Buying a legal designer inspired bag would be a better option. Plus this forum doesn't advocate counterfeit bags.
  3. An inspired one would be good. I don't even think most people can tell the difference unless you're a bag expert! Most of my friends don't even know what a Chloe Paddington is!
  4. Tacky for sure :smile: A legal inspired one would be better for sure.
  5. Agreed with what's been said. I dunno but if you went and got a fake one, wouldn't you feel self-conscious when u use it or would you be able to wear it with confidence?

    Get an inspired one for now and save up for the real deal. When you finally get it, you will appreciate it that much more and you'll be happy deep inside knowing you have an authentic Paddy.
  6. If you want a legal inspired one, this months issue of instyle has one advertised by JC Penny in sort of the Choc. color for under $40. Please do inspired and not fake.
  7. Fake is tacky. Inspired bags are great, or why not save up for one? You'll feel a lot better carrying a real bag (whether inspired or saved up for).
  8. or not..you could always save up money and buy a used one...sometimes someone else in the forum sells their paddingtons..you just have to be on alert...=p
  9. Agree to the above, fake is tacky! Much better to find a legal inspired bag, and wait to get a real paddy when you can afford it.
  10. A fake Paddy? No way! tacky! I'd rather buy a used one or a less expensive other brand.
  11. Fake Paddy = Tacky

    For instance, i was all ready to buy a brand new one, but saw a fellow LVLU member had a tan satchel for sale for $1100 including shipping! It's in perfect condition!
    Look for used real, or save up. ;)
  12. Definitely tacky.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions, i think i will save up or wait for a used paddy. Where could I find a good inspired version of the paddy in a chocolate colour? I live in Ontario, Canada and hate paying for duty on items being shipped from the U.S.
  14. Lushfashions.com has inspired bags. I don't know if they ship to Canada (or where they are located), but they do have similar bags to the Chloes (and some other brands, too) until you save up for the real thing.