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  1. I got this lovely Cherry Blossom LV purse for my 18th birthday. The problem is, I don't use it, it's so pretty, but not my style at all (and Im drooling on a gucci-bag). So I've been thinking of selling it, especially since the guy I got it from, is now an ex... When I tried asking on other fashion-forums about what they thought the original price was, I just got alot of rude remarks that the purse was a fake, and I was stupid to believe anything else.

    Now, he might be my ex, so I can talk ugly about him: He would never by a fake, to him apperance was everything, and his girlfriend walking around with a fake LV? No way, baby.

    So, I would like you talented people to help me figure this out. The purse is question is this:


    If more/better pictures is needed, let me know.

    This is what I know: It came with a "dustprotecter" that was caramellcoloured soft fabric, with the LV logo on, it was bought in london, and the logo on the purse is placed directly on the middle, with one logo on each side of that again, on each side. No logo that is "cutoff" (since what Ive heard, thats the easiest way to spot a fake), as you can see in the picture. The same on the bottom of the purse. The quality is superb. Inside, it's soft leather of some sort (i dont know the name in english, sorry), with a label that says (r) Louis Vuitton, Paris, made in France.

    Well, this became quite long. Please help me find out if this is real or not :smile:
  2. sorry this is a really bad fake, this bag was never made by LV, not even in this model :flowers:
  3. just some more info: the cherry blossom range consisted of bags and accessories but the alma (which your bag looks like) was never made. Also IMO I think the quality is not very good, sorry if this is a little harsh. But Fakes made in China are usually high quality (for a fake lol), I suspect this fake was made in Turkey/Greece.
  4. Yea it's fake sorry!
    The people shouldnt have been mean to you on the other forum but they where right it is fake.
  5. Socialite: It might look like bad quality, but I have another brown LV purse that I have bought myself, and they are both the same quality...

    Oh well, that sucks. I guess my only comfort is that my ex paid 500pounds for it or something.
  6. Im sorry that the bag is fake, but where did you buy the brown purse from ?. its just that there is no way that they can be the same quality. Im guessing that the Vachetta on the cherry blossom bag will be plastic and the canvas will too.
  7. I bought it from eluxury, I think. And no, it's not plastic, believe it or not. This gotta be the best fake made ever, I think. Just a very bad picture (taken with my cellphone, couldnt find my camera)
  8. here is a pic of a Real Alma below your alma...(hope Traci doesnt mind me using her pic)

  9. as you can see:

    <> The handles are totally different sizes
    <> The leather below the handles on your alma are badly cut
    <> Your alma has feet which real almas do not have
    <> the alignment of the LV's on your Alma are off, they are not straight
    <> the shape of your alma compared to a real alma is wrong
  10. Oh yes, I didn't try to argue that it wasnt fake, lol, I just said it was very, very good fake! Quality-wise.
  11. Hi, I never said that you said it wasnt fake :flowers:
    well at least you now know, what are you going to do with it ?.
  12. Well, I don't want to keep it, since it's from him. I think I'll still try to sell it, it's a nice purse, and now it's a bigger chance to sell it, to some 14year old bimbo who dont have the money for the real stuff, or something like that. Or I'll give it away, I don't know. At least whatever I do, I won't claim it to be aunthentic ;)
  13. Please please do not sell it, not only is it Illegal to do this but did you know that this was probably made in a sweatshop or made by children ??. If you gave it away, someone would only sell it on. I would suggest throwing it away or before giving it away write fake in big letters on it. You could get arrested for selling it. :flowers:
  14. Ouch, I don't want that. Just a shame to throw away such a cute purse. Oh well. My six year old cousin might like it? lol

    Thank you for your help!
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