fake or real mulberry bayswater -

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  1. having been a lover and buyer of lv bags for years i recently brought an annie in ginger and after 5 months people STILL comment on it - i brought it for £420 in the factory outlet - Hubby was horrified but i explained that it was the same price as the dog and will last for ever - out little dog has a lifespan of 15 years!!!!!

    I have been yearning for a bayswater and after trying out many in the mulberry store - came away thinking it was too big - however when browsing an auction site last week someone had a pewter up for sale with a best offer option - i offered a silly price - and it was accepted - now its come im not so sure it genuine - two things lead me to this and that is why i thought i would ask any other owners to check theirs - there is no made in england tag -nor any infact- and the key holder has a golden tree logo rather than embossed!
    It does have aserial number but i know some mulberry bags do and some dont- and these are easy to copy anyway

    any help/advice appreciated thanks
  2. As on previous thread list some pics and i will take a look and i know a few of the other girls will too:yes:
  3. great thanks - my camera has just died so ill take some on my phone and upload them later here are some pics of the listing though-
    Its actually bronze - the key fob holder has the logo in gold rather than just embossed the edges are also edge with a funny rubbery type coating - not sure if this is ok or not [​IMG]
  4. Was this an Ebay listing? Do you have the item number?
  5. I just got interested in the mulberry bayswater bag and now i'm in love!!!! i really want one but i'm a mulberry newbie, can anyone tell me if this one Item number: 140120738204 and Item number: 260120970051 are authentic? thank you!
  6. msvirus - in my opinion, neither of the two bags you mention are genuine.

    Regarding the pewter bayswater, I have seen this model in the store and similar to all the metallic ones, they are the most difficult to authenticate in my opinion. Regarding the Made in England tag, not all bags (bayswater or not) have a 'Made in' tag, and not all bayswaters are Made in England, I have seen them with Spain, China and Turkey tags, so you cannot really take that into consideration.

  7. thanks so much JazzyJay! i have no idea how to find a genuine bayswater......i really don't want to pay full price.........thank you again for your input!!

    --mulberry newbie