Fake or Real: Bayswater

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  1. would really appreciate your expert views on this one...

    I'm a tad bit suspicious:
    - the engraved numbers look far deeper and darker than on my other bags (that are authentic)
    - the lock is all one metal; I'm used to them being a silvery metal hinge bit and a bronze lock part.

    Thoughts please ... is it a :tdown: or a :tup:


  2. please - would really appreciate your thoughts
  3. You should post this in the Mulberry subforum......
    FWIW....am NOT an expert, but the proportions of the bag look "off" to me....
    as well as the look of the leather
  4. people who can authenticate a Mulberry bag are in our Mulberry Forum.
    Please post your question there in the thread called "Authenticate This Mulberry".

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.