fake or not?!?!

  1. so i bought my louis vuitton in scottsdale when i lived there a couple years ago, and the guard told me that if the purse is real it will not have any seams go through the LV. so i was wondering are there any other ways to tell? i was at a movie theater the other day and i always try to tell if they are real or not so instead of staring at the bag for a seam i want an easier way to tell!
  2. That's really an old way to determine real from fake. There are LV bags now that do have seams that go through the LV (not all styles but select ones) so to base it solely on that wouldn't be the best idea.
    If you go to mypoupette.com, there are some helpful hints on there.
  3. I'll move this to the Louis Vuitton Forum for you. . . but there's lots of threads/posts w/ this questions, you may try doing a Search.
  4. Authenticating a bag is difficult since there are far more than a single aspect which makes it real or fake.

    And the ellipse PM is one such model where there will be cut off LVs at the seams. Like so -


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