Fake or Authentic??

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this site and was looking into the following sites for handbags. Are they legit?


    I believe the lunaestrella site you need to register in order to see the bags so if you cant see them, let me know and maybe I can attach some pictures.

  2. Authentic sure!
  3. I am not sure, but the prices on www.authenticdesignerpurses.com seem too good to be true. As for the other site, stay away from designer bag wholesale sites! They are almost always fake!
  4. Thanks! Is there anyway to know for sure about these sites? Has anyone had any experience with them? Kathy, just to clarify, your "authentic" was sarcastic right??
  5. Also the www.authenticdesignerpurses.com site is an incorporated company here the USA, CA specifically.

    I spoke with the owner and he is assuring me that all is 100% authentic and that I can pick up directly from his warehouse. What do you guys think? If I go there to purchase, what should I do to further proove that what I am buying is the real deal? What kind of documentation should he have? If after he provides me with the documentation and I find out later that it is fake, what can I do about it? Since he is an incorporated company here in the states, can he be sued?
  6. IMO, it is always best and SAFEST to stick to eluxury or other sites that are KNOWN for a fact to be legitimate. Too many that pop up aren't selling authentic. Sorry, just my opinion, that the above are not legit.
  7. "All sales are final unless damage is incurred in transit between our warehouse and your shipping location. If an item in your shipment is not up to your satisfaction, you must contact us with your claim within three days of receiving your shipment. A digital photograph must accompany your claim. Once your claim is reported, we will work with you on getting the item exchanged. All returns are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee, and are performed under the shipping expense of the customer."

    Doesn't look like much of a return policy. Since most documentation can be faked too, I think your best assurance would be to take someone with you who is an expert. You can probably file in small claims court if something goes wrong, but if you're already anticipating that, it doesn't seem worth it.

  8. I share that opinion.
  9. Designers do not wholesale to anyone only their high end outlets. Please avoid these bogus sites. There is no way you can get 3 Fendi & Prada handbags for 325usd sample lot or otherwise it just doesn't work that way.
  10. This makes me feel better about the situation, provided it's true. I think there's a way to do a search of public records once you know what state the company is incorporated in.

    If the company is registered in the U.S., you have much stronger remedies if the guy is selling fakes. Not only can you sue (you could sue a foreign company, too, but it wouldn't do any good because they would just refrain from being served in the states), you can tip off your local US Attorney's Office about the company. Trademark infringement is a federal crime under the Lanham Act. Counterfeiting (or aiding and abetting) is also a crime. I'm sure he would also be guilty of some type of fraud, which is both criminally and civily actionable (if you could find other people who'd been scammed, you could also file a class action).

    All of this is meant to say that if the company has a bricks-and-mortar location in the US where it can be served (or arrested, as the case may be), I'd be a lot more comfortable from buying from them. I'd go to the warehouse to make sure it's where he says it is, and I'd ask to feel the bags before I buy anything (it also wouldn't hurt to familiarize yourself with the designers' styles at a site like styledrop.com, and stop by Neiman Marcus to feel a few real ones). You should be able to tell if they're real once they're in your hands, if you do a little homework.

    Law student at your service! ;)
  11. Can me seriously suspicious, but I wonder about any site that has to put the word "authentic" in their name.
  12. Actually, I ordered a Jimmy Choo glitter karung clutch from them, as well as a Gucci messenger bag, and both were authentic. I've also found their customer service to be slow, but reliable. I haven't ordered anything in months, though - and the website is largely changed. The customer service sales rep. I dealt w/ originally is no longer there, but I've received paperwork on both bags indicating their purchase locations, stores #'s., etc., so my exp. w/ them has been good. As far as the starter lots, yes the prices do look low to me - but these are fairly old styles...I'm wondering if its a good way to clear inventory, so they're using them as loss-leaders? Just my humble opinion...
  13. Yes, I wonder that too, and yet at the same time, how do the legit sites distinguish themselves? I think I am going to file for registration for: www.nochanceinhellyou'llgetafakehere.com

    lol! :roflmfao:
  14. I've bought from Luna Estrella and am considering working with Authentic Designers (known as Lusso imports). From my experience in this crazy fraudulant field, Everyone says authentic, and I believe that if you find it to be fake, then they just one either deny it, or two say that it was from a bad supplier. L.Estrella's bags looks great and several I believe are real, but I have several pics of bags that seem a little off. They always refunded me with no problem. I quit buying from them. I'll show pics.