Fake:> OMG

  1. Holy cow, I cant believe they can get away with this.

    I was in the mall today and you know how they for booths for sunglasses/belts and handbags? Well normlly i see bags that look like Louis vuitton but dont have the LV on them. Well today they had an LV papillon. OMG i was in :shocked: and went over to look at the bag while giggling to myself. I opened the bag and it had this :censor: beige lining, awful plastic feel. Just to be curious I asked how much the bag was, the girls says 100$ I was like are you kidding me? All the while i'm carrying my blue denim speedy today. I couldnt put the bag down fast enough... My b/f just starting laughing that he had to walk away.

    Are these people crazy?
    I was expecting she might say 39.99, but 100$ for that pos....:shocked:
  2. yea, my aunt looked at one of the white ones about a year ago, and I was horrified to be standing next to her looking at it, and when she finally asked how much it was, he said 60! Why would anyone waste that much money on a fake?

    My friend loves D&B and we were at the mall yesterday, and on one of those carts, they had the star line, they got the bag down good, it's a funky shape, and the stars good too, but, it felt like such plastic! we laughed for a couple of mins and walked away lol.
  3. :biggrin: Gotta love these stories!
  4. I can't believe that they would sell those in the middle of the mall!!!:amazed: :shocked:
  5. I threatened to call the police on a kiosk I saw at the Carousel Mall in Syracuse, NY two weeks ago (I asked the sales girl if she was aware that it was against the law to sell fakes). She looked at me like I was crazy but when I went back a week later, all the knock off bags were gone. Hah!!
  6. I was at a mall with my mom a couple of months ago, and we stopped by a kiosk that was selling jewelry. My mom was too busy looking at necklaces to notice they had some handbags on the other side of the display. I looked, and they had a fake Damier Navona. After we walked away, my mom commented that they had some pretty jewelry. I said, "Yeah, but I don't think I'd buy jewelry from someone who sells fake handbags!"
  7. I have this colleague, she's a darling and has all the money you can wish for to play at LV :roflmfao: but doesn't have a clue about bags :Push:
    The other day I saw her with what I believed - from a distance - to be a Damier Saleya... only to discover that it was a fake!!! :huh: She said it was a gift from her husband.... I don't have the heart to tell her it's not the real thing :sad:, though!!!!
  8. Oh dear oh dear...I agree though, I can get a perfectly non-designer bag that looks so much better than the tacky fake ones for $100!!!

    Or I could just save that $100 up to put towards a real one. Ever watched that episode of SATC where Sam had her fake Fendi bag stolen? I would be mortified to be exposed that way!!! I used to carry fake bags when I was a teen...NOT ANYMORE!!!
  9. that where I was at.
    When we got to he mall i said to my bf how many fakes will we see, we love laughing at them :roflmfao:
    But yeah he noticed it, I was just coming out of danier leather and he's trying to be nice about it, finally i notice and just had to ask.

  10. I thought about it, but i dot know what they'd do..and i'msure my b/f would have flipped out. If i was by myself i'm sure i would have went to a coffee house they have in the malls and called and just watched from a distance : )