Fake off ebay but hasn't paid yet...

  1. I need some advice for someone that won a fake bag off eBay but hasn't paid yet and this is what she said (buyer)

    "had not paid for the item yet. I contacted the seller and she intends to relist the item. Do you think I should contact her back and strongly suggest she does not relist the item?"

    I just want to know how to explain to the buyer how to file a claim with eBay so she is out of the transaction and the seller gets what she should for selling a fake?

  2. Uh-oh. This is a big no no! You should never contact other bidders, it is strongly against eBay policy. I used to contact high bidders of fakes, then ran it through the PF, and found out that it is bad news.

    Unless you want to jeopardize your eBay account, I'd direct her to contact eBay, and then stop all communication with her, period. You don't want your name involved AT ALL.
  3. Well, if you want to risk getting kicked off Ebay, go for it. Contacting bidders on someone's auction is a major Ebay violation. I know it's hard seeing someone wind up winning a fake, but you can get kicked off Ebay. I would just report the auction. I think you can still report it even though it has ended already.
  4. Is this someone that you personally know (like a friend), or did you email the winning bidder and say "hey, you won a fake"? If it is the latter, I would stay out of it.
  5. Iheartcoach, it really breaks my heart when I see buyers bidding on fakes and all I can do is report it to Ebay. But that's as far as I can go without jeopardizing my own Ebay account as they would throw me off if I tried to contact the buyer. Yes, it's hard not to get involved, but don't unless you want to risk getting kicked off.
  6. Ok so how does she go about filing a dispute... Does she just go to her my ebay and items won then in the drop down menu she selects "Item Not Recieved" then it takes you to the dispute page and you do it that way?