Fake of the day

  1. OMG!:sick: :lol:
  2. What is it supposed to be?
  3. OMG!! Some poor soul is going to pay $100 for that piece of crap! :sad:
  4. They dont even make that do they? I dont know anything about LV, but I would've known that was false. Are we allowed to warn the bidders? Is that even possible?
  5. i think it is supposed an eye love you.
  6. ^^^Poor bag.
  7. i think it is also like a cabas mezzo.
  8. :sick: that may very well be the ugliest bag i have EVER seen, fake or no fake. gross.
  9. Eeewwwww that's so fugly:sick: V
  10. Poor bidders!
  11. I point and laugh. Poor people gettin rip off!
  12. girls, I swear on international eBay there's something much ugly... I'm showing you
    please....211 euros
    OMG, i'm about to cry!
  13. Ugh, yag! :sick:
  14. Now those are some ugly bags!
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