Fake Newer Koobas BEWARE

  1. All bets are off now on Late Falls Koobas. Here's a Parker on Ioffer. You should all check out Ioffer to freshen up on your detecting Fake skills. They have a Paige and a Lucy that looks pretty good at first glance.

  2. Oh my, these guys are fast! Thanks for posting!
  3. Good heavens!

    The whole fakeroonie thing makes my skin crawl.
  4. Yikes! Thanks for posting this... Looks like the Kounterfeit Kooba Detective Agency will have to put in some extra hours scoping out eBay and iOffer...

  5. No way! Already?! Now I'm even more afraid of eBay... but I'm glad I have TPF to authenticate bags before buying. Thanks for the heads up.