Fake Nails

  1. Ok so I decided it would be a good idea to get these fake nails for Valentines day right... so I'm putting the things on (which was a pain in the ***) and now I hate them. Also I managed to chip th polish off of one.

    Typing is a *****, texting is impossible...

    HOW DO I GET THESE THINGS OFF?!?!??!??!?!!!!
  2. soak in acetone
  3. Regular nail polish remover is acetone, make sure you don't use non-acetone remover.
    You'll have to soak for a while.
    My nail salon soaks cotton and puts it on the nail and then wraps foil paper around the finger tip, this way you can be semifunctional during the removal process and not be sitting with your hands in bowl of remover for 2 hours.
    Do not rip or bite them off!! It will tear your natural nail layers off with it.