Fake Mulberry seller on Ebay needs to go???

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  1. There is someone on eBay who i have seen in a previous discussion here at the PF selling vast quantities of Mulberry bags which she claims are from the factory :confused1: However she is selling oak Bayswaters left , right and centre and these are very limited from the factory and also cost £346 fixed price ... hers have gone for £325 and less also she has sold the Annie for £300 and these are £416 from the factory and a Phoebe for £215 and these are £416 from the factory. I need to know if anyone has purchased from this person and had the bag verified or would be willing to get the bag verified?
  2. I recently bought a Roxanne from someone. Which seller are you referring to?
  3. sholm22
  4. I have never purchased from this seller, however, I looked at a few of her bags and they seem perfectly authentic. Maybe she gets them cheaper because they appear to be stained. I can vouch that I have seen this on many Mulberry bags, they have a tendancy to look like they've been splashed.
    Also her feedback looks pretty good & lots of satisfied customers.
    Here in the US if you catch a good sale you can pick up a Mulberry for anywhere from $200-$600.
  5. Some bags she sold were not marked at all and sold for less than £300 and Mulberry do not sell marked bags from the factory where she states they were from they do sell slight seconds the cheapest UK factories sell the oak Bayswater for is £346 fixed price and i know this from much experience . Mulberry also stated that the amount of bags she sells is not correct it is impossible to buy a Phoebe for £216 the price she has sold for.
  6. Also she states receipts are available and that may explain the feedback as people would then not get the bags checked for authenticity.She has another user name that has a negative stating the handbag/purse is not authentic
  7. Maybe she is buying them from a knock off wholesaler then?
    I guess it would be interesting to find out, did you ask her how she gets them for such a deal? Perhaps she wouldn't tell you anyway.
    I can't believe how expensive they are in the UK especially considering quite a few Mulberry bags are now made/assembled in China.
    I got an Oak Phoebe last year at Nordstrom rack for $199! It was weird too as some were made in China and others in Turkey.
  8. Hi Mulberrylove , I am sholm22 , I do sell genuine Mulberry Bags and can prove it , and I do have 100 % feedback with many regular customers , so please pick on the real fake sellers .
  9. Hi sholm22,
    When I saw pictures of your bags I was confident they were authentic. I really hope you aren't offended by this thread/forum and I apologize sincerely if you are. I know it is not pleasant for someone to question your integrity and I'm glad you submitted your side.
    I hope you will enjoy the purse forum, we're a good bunch, honest!
  10. Could it be that she works for Mulberry?
  11. Mulberry employees are not allowed to sell any items on or they could be dismissed. However, it is perfectly possible to buy at lower than the prices previously stated, eg an oak bayswater can be obtained for less than £346, but sellers are not going to divulge how they can buy at such prices, that would just not be sensible from a business perspective. The particular seller in question is obviously selling genuine items. There are some very good eBay sellers who I regularly watch their auctions, and occasionally bid, and some do start their listings off at low prices with no reserve, and doubtless they will lose on some and make on others, and again that is a business decision that they have made.
  12. I'm no Mulberry expert but from what I know, I had a Roxanne and Blenheim, they look legitimate to me
  13. This thread is soooo old now the handbags are now selling for more of a reasonible price etc (that is the only reason i wanted some input from other PFers to see if they were receiving the bags shown in the photographs ) Didn't want to offend anyone :smile:
  14. Hey Mulberrylove,

    To be honest, the title of the thread is pretty offensive. Discussion is great, accusations are not, and I am so glad she defended herself?

    You dont happen to sell Mulberry Bags yourself do you???
  15. sholm22 here , thank you answering this thread when it is fairly old news now , but as its aimed against me and have only recently found this forum , I think that anybody in my place would would be kicking up stink !! I do sell genuine , and do send copies of receipts not originals because of devious buyers , I do answer all questions posed to me in an open way to help dissapate this sort of thing but do not feel that I have to tell every Tom ,Dick or Harry the ins and outs of my bag buying , especially as some of the questions come from other Mulberry sellers , would you ??? Yes I am and was offended , so would you be ......
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