Fake Mont Blanc Rollerball!

Jun 10, 2008
I bought a Mont Blanc Rollerball on eBay about a year ago. When it rolled off my desk and the barrell broke I sent it off to MB for repair. It's a fake! I'm very disappointed. The seller is no longer registered. On checking this site, I learned that there are ways to check for fakes MBs. Wish I'd known. This is a heads up to anyone thinking of buying a MB - do a search on the eBay Forum before you buy, just to be sure.
Apr 15, 2007
thanks for sharing... sorry that you experienced this... can you check your pp

account and see if the seller's phone # is still working.. it's a long time

but perhaps they didn't know the pen was fake or maybe they did and that's

why they are no longer selling on ebay..