Fake Mono Speedy? How to Spot?

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  1. Hi! I have a question, I hope this is acceptable in this section of the board. My BF's mother has a 30? speedy she got for a consignment shop? I thin it is fake, but am not sure, and regrettably don't have pics.

    It seems "light" to me, but I have a Manhattan PM, so that could be because of the lack of hardware. I also have two pieces of luggage I've had for over 15 years, but that's not helping me tell with this purse:lol:

    The first thing I noticed was that the handles were stiched to the bag with 7-8 stitches across the top of the three-sided patches, not 5 like the eBay guide says...

    Does that mean it is definitely fake?:yucky:
  2. I know the speedy is a pretty light bag...at least that is what tends to be posted here. I am not sure about how to check stitches though.
  3. Yes, the speedy is pretty light. I have the damier speedy, not the mono, but mine has 6 stitches on the top of the patch. another way to tell is there is a hole in the pull tab for the lock. I saw a mono fake that looked pretty good except it didn't have the hole.
  4. Ok, I just looked at some authentic bags on this forum and they all have 5 stitches. I would have to guess the bag you're questioning is indeed a fake.
  5. Thanks! The guide on eBay is so confusing about the stitches, I assume the older 1980's bags can come with more than 5 stitches? This bag definitely isn't that old.
  6. There are many other ways to spot a replica bag, whether it's a Louis Vuitton or any other brand. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well, so in this case. The color, the logo, the stitching, the date code, you have to check all these details to recognize a fake :smile:
  7. Post required pictures (read post #1) in 'Authenticate this LV". :ty:
Thread Status:
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